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Physics Is quantum information research well funded?

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    I am applying to phd programs in physics right now. I am interested in doing research in quantum information science. I see there is a lot of interest and funding for quantum information science right now, but does anyone have any advice on whether or not this research will be well funded in the long term?

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    1. Where in the world are you?

    2. Define "well funded", and define "long term".

    3. Anyone who thinks he/she knows or able to give you anything other than a guess to your question should be looked at with extreme skepticism. Funding for science ebbs and flows with politics. Something that is "well-funded" one year can be zeroed out the next year.

    4. Is not unheard of that a program at one institution is "well-funded" for the next 3 years, while the same program at another institution will have its funding cut off. So if you are in the lucky institution, you'll claim that the program is "well-funded", but if you are unlucky enough to be in the other institution, your outlook on the funding of that program sucks. So this is a sign of a well-funded program, or is it not?

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    Thanks for your reply. I am apply to programs all over the US. I take your point that research funding is very fluid and subject to change, that is a good thing to be aware of. I recognize that a reply to this question is subjective, but I think hearing those opinions is important and useful to help me get an idea of how difficult it could be for me to get funding studying quantum information.
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    My personal bet would be a yes, simply because it can be of military use in various weapon systems. Additionally some big names like IBM seem to be interested in its progress. So I guess, by any system of evaluation, quantum technology will probably be funded above average compared to other fields of research. But as @ZapperZ has said, that's more of an opinion than a qualified answer.
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