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Is self-Fertilization possible?

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    Well, I am absolutely serious and not joking :wink:

    All we know that Sex reassignment therapy is a common thing nowadays.

    Now imagine some certain male person who saves his sperm in sperm bank. Then this person undergoes Sex reassignment therapy and becomes a full women and then a bit later (s)he receives his (or her?) sperm in her vagina and………….is such self-Fertilization possible? Has this happened before? Can the baby be born? Will the child be healthy? :oldeyes:
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    Sex reassignment surgery cannot give you fertile reproductive systems of the opposite sex. However many species, including animals, can undergo asexual reproduction.
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    I don't think the Daily Mail is a recommend source of reference.
    However .. Gender reassignment surgery does not provide the recipient with working reproductive organs of the opposite sex.
    It is essentially a cosmetic job.
    The research being referred to is human cloning, not self-fertilization.
    Human cloning may well be possible but for me that is not a happy thought.
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    Fair enough about the dailymail. I did a little digging and it appears the Institute referenced in the dailymail article is a commercial interest, I can't seem to find any relevant papers published by him.


    Some time ago, there was a lab trying to make human sperm cells from female donors [1], but it was retracted for plagiarism[2]. The editor notes that the results were still valid, but some paragraphs were copied from [3]. I don't think they've demonstrated that the sperm is functional yet, but it's an interesting direction.

    [1] http://www.nature.com/news/2009/090729/full/news.2009.646.html
    [2] http://www.nature.com/news/2009/090730/full/news.2009.753.html
    [3] http://www.biolreprod.org/content/76/4/546[/URL]
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    No it is not possible as gender reassignment doesn't give a male a uterus and ovaries but instead makes the outside slightly more feminine... if self fertilisation was possible scientisst would declare it unhealthy as the child would be classified as inbreeding as it has been made from the one DNA. This prevents the possibility of self fertilisation.
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    Nonsense. Asexual reproduction is not inbreeding, as has been said above there are plenty of species that reproduce asexually without issue. There is potentially a fitness cost to the species of asexual versus sexual reproduction but that's not the topic under discussion.
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    Thanks, I did not know about this.
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    Ectopic pregnancy is where the fetus develops outside the uterus, in most cases within the fallopian tubes. Involves complications, as the tube can rupture being not as flexible as the uterus, or there is spontaneous abortion.

    If the embryo can attach to a suitable blood source in the abdomen, it can develop, but birthing would have to be carried out by intervention.

    So if an individual with sex reassignment could have an embryo implanted he/she could actually become pregnant without a uterus.

    Not too sure if anyone in the medical establishment would ever willingly recommend or perform such as action
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