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Arrow of time and virtual reality

  1. Apr 20, 2014 #1
    As we know that in classical world we have a clear arrow of time which points towards future..We can see glass falling from table and break but not the opposite in our world and whole universe... If we watch a film of glass being broken and that film is run in both direction we can easily identify which direction is forward and which is backward...Now my question is that we nowadays heard lot and lot about virtual reality and augmented reality and stuff like that in near future a person can not easily differentiate between real entity and virtual one, so is it possible in 'that' type of future that a child is born and lives his/her whole life in that environment and can not differentiate between direction of time because in whole life he is 'inside' that film (means in virtual world in which anything can happen in any direction of time) which earlier I have mentioned? Sorry for my grammatical mistakes..
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    Indeed. Therefore, the thread is locked.
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