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Is Simple Nature by Benjamin Crowell sufficient for self-study?

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    Physicist Benjamin Crowell has released several open-source textbooks on physics and mathematics; one of them being http://lightandmatter.com/area1sn.html" [Broken].

    I have decided to study physics on my own in my spare time and Simple Nature seems to be quite sufficient; at least as an introductory textbook. Does anyone here have any experience with this textbook?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Excellent. Thank you both! I'll definitely take a look at those lectures.

    I didn't know prof. Crowell was a member here. Not only a member, but a very contributing member as well. He seems like a really cool guy, releasing textbooks in a Creative Commons license and all.
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    I've reviewed Ben's book and would highly recommend it. (And you can't beat the price!)
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    Why would you recommend it??
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