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Is the Strong Force causing any of the effects of a Black Hole?

  1. May 27, 2012 #1
    In a Black Hole, is gravity the only force drawing matter and energy into it, or deep inside at a minute scale (3 femtometers), is the Strong Force also operant ?
    Bonus questions:
    1) Would it be true to say that without the Strong Force, there would be no matter?
    2) In the "splitting of the atom" in a bomb or nuclear reactor, is the release of energy caused only by the conversion of mass to energy, or additionally involve the release of the Strong Force
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    The strong force is restricted to the spacetime itself - as long as your black hole as a while has macroscopic dimensions, the strong force is not important. For a black hole of the order of the planck mass, you need a theory of quantum gravity to study it.

    No protons, neutrons and nuclei. But there could be other stuff, depending on how you define "without strong force".

    The released energy in fission processes is mainly from the electromagnetic force between the protons, while the strong force acts in the opposite direction.
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