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Medical Is there a drug you can take to eliminate the sex drive?

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    I am a 23 year old male virgin who is unattractive and unable to secure a relationship with a woman he finds attractive. I have tried being with women who are equally attractive as me and doesnt work I just am not attracted to them. My issue lies in the sex-drive I am ok with being a virgin but that natural instinct and the natural urge and impulse to reproduce and have sex is driving me crazy literally. I see a very attractive woman and I cant get her out of my head I get suicidal thoughts because I cannot have her and get intense emotional pain and get tormented emotionally. I literally have the mind of a sexual offender or rapist I would never act on these thoughts its just this natural instinct is killing me. Its so bad I dont want to go out in public anymore or go to school. I read a news article about chemical castration for the sexual offenders and the rapists and a story chronicled a sexual offender who had the same issues I had, he had the intrusive thoughts and that overwhelming urge to have sex except he lost control and I havent and wouldnt but these feelings are killing me. sorry for the long story but who would I see about this? I am need a serious answer I am tired of all the bs answers trying to make me feel better such as "oh you're 23 you are young and have lots of time".I dont care to have sex or have a gf I just want these feelings and urges to go away. Any advice? Should I try the chemical castration? The male sexual offender who took the drug and was chemically castrated was a whole new man and could actually function normally.
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    You share some symptoms of OCD here. Basically, some people with OCD get thoughts in which they harm other people. For example, I might have a thought in which I take a knife and kill my family. This is the obsession. I get so disgusted with myself that I hide all the knifes. This is the compulsion.

    See following test: http://www.gotoquiz.com/purely_obsessional_ocd_self_test

    In any case, I am not a professional doctor. But I urge you to go see one.

    EDIT: also see http://www.steveseay.com/pure-o-ocd-obsessions-mental-rituals/
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    You're are asking for a patch. One artificial way of controlling an unnatural circumstance. It won't be long-term, and it isn't the straightest path to a healthy person.

    Before going the pharmaceutical route (which of course, you won't do except through a doctor anyway, right?) see your doctor about the negativity and hangups. They'll be able to offer counselling. They may also be able to refer you to a sex therapist.

    You should be able to build a relationship with someone compatible, without this feeling of not being attracted. That is the healthiest, long-term, well-adjusted solution.

    I'm sure you've heard this advice before, but don't dismiss it. There is no magic bullet. There is treatment and growth. The sooner you start, the sooner you'll be happy and functioning.
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    If you are really worried consult a doctor, perhaps a counsellor too.

    Chemical castration is definitely not the way to go though.
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