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Is there a func' for ideal x-section area in a resonant beam?

  1. Jun 14, 2009 #1
    Obviously it has to taper from the fixed end to the most mobile one. Or from the centre (node) of a symmetrical one to the ends (antinodes).

    Talking about longatudinal harmonic resonance only here.

    Ideally the static instants at full compression or tension would give a constant percentage length change from unloaded along the rod.

    Does it follow that at any giventime, a point X distance from the node, has Velocity and acceleration: both proportional to X or am I confused?

    I'm pretty sure this is an integration of shm mass/spring systems or somesuch.

    Is there a formula that emerges for the rate of taper of the crossectional area for a given material elastic modulus and frequency?
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