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Is there a mechanical way of increasing angular movement?

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    (A) being a common pivot point for (B) and (C). In relationship to (A), I would like to have (C) move twice the DEGREE OF ANGULAR movement as (B).

    Any suggestions or thoughts on how I might accomplish this would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!
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    I believe that if you increase the centripetal acceleration at point C then it will move at a higher angular velocity.
    someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
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    How about an epicyclic gear system? A is the centre of the sun gear, B is the centre of a planet gear, and C a point on an annular ring gear running on the planets?
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    You just described a simple gear joint. Just keep the relation DAC = 2DAB
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    Thanks for the suggestions. While I understand the concept, I'm looking for a mechanical method of rotating (C) twice that of (B) when both are connected to (A). Wondering if I need to consider some sort of a "cam-type" linkage or, possibly, a mechanical link to a secondary pivot point?

    Thanks again..
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