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Is there an indent when standing on a solid surface?

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    Does anyone know for sure that when standing in a single spot (for a better idea we will say on a block of steel) that there is a microscopic indent (not permanent) on the steel block. For more elaboration I see it as the same aspect as walking on a plank of wood and it will bend due to your weight but because the stronger density of the steel block it would be less evident.
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    “Many materials display linear elastic behavior, defined by a linear stress-strain relationship, as shown in the figure up to point 2, in which deformations are completely recoverable upon removal of the load; that is, a specimen loaded elastically in tension will elongate, but will return to its original shape and size when unloaded.”
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    Yes there will be an indent. Every material when subjected to a stress will elongate or compress, although as you said if it's just you standing on a steel block then this deformation will be minuscule.
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    Thank you guys
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    The fact that sound waves can be transmitted through 'solids' is proof that there is some deformation as a result of an applied force. 'Everything' has a Young's modulus.
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