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Is there any charge(cost) for subscribing a thread?

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    is there any charge(cost) for subscribing a thread??
    Please I'm really worried...!!!:cry:
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    No, and we don't know who you are, or how we would charge you if there was.

    Subscribing is possibly a slightly bad choice for the term.
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    What is the warning...??
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    What warning?

    All subscription does is email you when somebody posts to the thread, o you mean your ISP charges for email?

    You can also check all the threads you have posted in my clicking "My Pf"
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    lol.. i bet he meant for "warning" in your signature mgb. You scared him;)
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    Speaking of your signature mgb, you really should punctuate that. Right now it's ambiguous; and it has bugged me since I first read it.
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    but I really like the signature of mgb
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    What about ISP charges for email?
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    No, we do not charge. It merely means that you will be alerted when someone posts to the thread.
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    Since the subject has arisen, what might be causing spontaneous subscriptions? I've never subscribed to any thread, but every once in a while I start getting tons of e-mails reporting that someone has posted. Then I have to go into my control panel and unsubscribe to a bunch of threads. They're always threads that I have posted in, rather than just random ones, but I don't want the notifications.
    I don't care much, since it's only a minor nuisance, but I'm curious.
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    Edit options >>Messaging & Notification >>Default Thread Subscription Mode >>Default Thread Subscription Mode
    then choose "Do not subscribe".Otherwise it automatically add threads you post in , to your subscribtion list!:smile:
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    Or you can just disable the email notifications.
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    Thanks, guys. It's already set to 'do not subscribe'. I'll switch it to 'no e-mail notifications' and see what happens.
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    Hi Rohit! :smile:

    If your ISP is charging you, you can go to the User Control page (click "My PF"), click "Edit Options", and choose "No email notification" …

    you'll still be subscribed to all your threads, so you can easily check them all at once by clicking on "Subscribed Threads" in the "Quick Liinks" menu on the toolbar. :smile:
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    Also, either dump your ISP, or get a free mail service like Hotmail, GMail, or even Yahoo. Being charged per e-mail is ridiculous. Then again, your bandwidth probably isn't cheap, either.
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