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Homework Help: Is there any command in Fortran that is similar to eval in MATLAB?

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    I am trying to write a Fortran subroutine to solve non-linear equations (given by external function fnxname) using Newton's method, where the derivative is given by finite difference calculation. How may I use the function in the program.

    Suppose the desired function name is given by a string "fnxname", I cannot write fnxname(x), can I? In MATLAB, I may write eval(cat('fnxname','(x)')) or something like that. Is there a similar command in Fortran?

    Replies would be much appreciated. Thank you very much.
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    You can either just put the function inside of the main program's file, or put the function inside of a MODULE and INCLUDE that module in the main program. Then you can simply call the function as normal.
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