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I Is there any operator for momentum in terms of t?

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    Since there is an energy operator interms of t and a momentum operator interms of x as expected.For energy there is a hamiltanion operator interms of t which is unexpected for me.Similarly whether there is any operator interms of t for momentum also?
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    Simon Bridge

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    Off the kinetic energy operator: ##2m\hat T=\hat p^2## ...
    Note: the Hamiltonian operator is the energy operator.

    Please provide example of "energy operator in terms of t".
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    ih/2π *∂/∂t is an operator of energy
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    This is misleading since time is a parameter in quantum theory not an observable, represented by an operator. The Hamiltonian represents the total energy of the system and is a function (or functional) of the fundamental operators of the theory's observable algebra like ##\hat{\vec{x}}## and ##\hat{\vec{p}}## for one particle in non-relativistic quantum theory ("first quantization") or the field operators in quantum field theories ("second quantization").
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