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B Is there any state of matter colder than solid?

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    I know that Quark-gluon plasma is the hotter state of matter that we know.
    Soo is solid the coldest state of matter ???
    If there is no so sorry for my stupid brain!!!
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    Not necessarily. First, at least one substance--helium--never forms a solid at ordinary pressures, it stays liquid all the way down to absolute zero.

    Second, at cold enough temperatures, some materials can form Bose-Einstein condensates, which could be thought of as a "colder" state of matter than an ordinary solid.
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    ok thx for helping
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    what is a Bose-Einstein condnsates i seach in google but i dont understand it
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    Basically it's when a large number of identical bosons (quantum particles with integral spin) are all in the same quantum state; this happens because when one boson is in a given state, the probability for other identical bosons to be in the same quantum state increases.

    Did you find this page?

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    Im just a 13 years old kid i dont understand the wiki stuff unless some one explain it to me.
    But thx u btw!
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    Then you probably don't (yet) have the background knowledge to understand the theory behind Bose-Einstein condensates. If and when you get to the point of studying quantum mechanics in general, you will be in a better position to do so.
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    Basically Bose-Einstein condensates are supercooled matter in which all atoms are at the lowest energy state.
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    i even still have a hard time with calculus
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    At a certain pressure range, ##^3 He## is actually liquid at a lower temperature than where it's solid - an exothermic melting by cooling.
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    Wow there is a melting by throw alway heat
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