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Is there any way to know what program has visited which disk and when?

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    Call me paranoid if you will, but is there any handy tool that keep a track or can find out what program that has a possibility/ability of internet connection, has visited what directory by what time?

    It could be a stand alone software, could be something that comes with windows. Does anybody knows any?

    I have scanned my system disk and it always comes clean, but I think it is wise to be vigilant... all the time.
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    I believe that if you set your security settings high enough only those programs included on the exception list will be given access to the internet. Correct me if I am wrong.
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    Do you mean a firewall? If a program attempts to connect to the internet, it will alert you and you can decide whether to let it connect. I use a free version of ZoneAlarm and it works very well.
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    Yes, you are correct, however I still feel there may be trojans sophisticate enough to by pass my firewall undetected, or inject itself into other legit program. And I don't think it my concern has no reality basis.
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    ZA is an excellent firewall, but glitches pretty bad sometimes.
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    For Windows check Sysinternals (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb545027). While i don't know of an app that will yield a report of disk access by app there should be some Utilities that allow you to obtain information on a running process, such as open ports and file handles.
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