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Is there anyone needs a CLUSTER?

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    Hi All!

    One of my friends owns a strong cluster he has built to test some computational methods he thought to be useful. Now the cluster is almost unused. If someone wants to run some computation which needs a strong HPC please post some details. I am very sorry about my friend having a great architecture and having nothing to do with it. He thought about selling each node as a single PC, but we should make a try before it.

    Please post your needs to make the HPC survive.

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    Hook it up to the OSG (Open Science Grid) which will be doing computations for the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) when it comes online in 2007.

    That's the best use of resources I can think of.
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    Thanks, joelperr!
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    Use it for the Human Genome Project or SETI@HOME
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