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Homework Help: Is there more than one way to prove this?

  1. Sep 23, 2012 #1
    Suppose that A is an n × n matrix and u and v
    are vectors in R^n. Show that if Au = Av and
    u ≠ v, then A is not invertible.

    This is the book's proof:
    From the fact that Au = Av, we have A(u − v) = 0. If
    A is invertible, then u − v = 0, that is, u = v, which
    contradicts the statement that u = v.

    Mine proof is, if A is invertible thus A^-1 exists
    if u≠v then then the above does not hold, implying that A^-1 does not exist.
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    Your proof looks fine to me :approve:
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