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Is there such a thing as lumens/m^3?Would you have to be measuring

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    Is there such a thing as lumens/m^3?
    Would you have to be measuring incoming light/energy from every (infinite) direction at the same time?
    Can it be estimated or got from lumens/m^2?
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    Re: lumens/m^3

    Not really a meaningful unit. Light that moves through space without reaching a human eye has 0 lumens. Lumens/m^2 is a measure of perceived brightness.

    The closest thing to making it meaningful would be to measure the light being scattered by a fog or volume of fluid. That could be described as lumens per unit volume.
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    Re: lumens/m^3

    Aha, thanks. I think I'm confusing lumens/m^2 as a measure of electromagnetic energy. Is there an equivalent to lumens/m^2 for em energy?
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