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Homework Help: Is this how I would determine the force?

  1. Jul 30, 2008 #1
    Is this how I would determine the force??

    A thin, flexible metal plate attached at one end to a platform, as shown above, can be used to
    measure mass. When the free end of the plate is pulled down and released, it vibrates in simple harmonic motion with a period that depends on the mass attached to the plate. To calibrate the force constant, objects of known mass are attached to the plate and the plate is vibrated, obtaining the data shown below.
    mass (kg)
    avg time for 10 vibrations (seconds)​

    now my question is, if i was to find the force constant of the metal plate, would that mean that i need to find k?

    if so, would i do that by using the formula T=2π√m/k)?
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    Re: Is this how I would determine the force??

    oh yea, and i also have the value of for T(period) for each of the masses
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