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IS tis corresct about Amplitud, frquency, Period, & Energy

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    A 424 g mass vibrates according to the equation x=0.342 sin(5.20t) where x is inn meters and t is in seconds. Find the amplitud, frquency, period, total energy, kinetic energy when x=12.0 cm, and potencial nergy when x-12.0 cm.


    frequency=(2*pi)/w=(2*pi)/(5.20)=1.208 Hz

    Period= 1/frequncy=1/1.208= 0.828

    in the amplitud it is

    but k= (w^2)*m=(5.20^2)*(0.424)=11.46

    E=(1/2)*(11.46)*(0.342^2)= 0.670 J

    Potenicial Energy= 1/2*k*x^2
    =(1/2)*(11.46)*(0.12^2)=8.25 x 10^-2 J

    Kinetic Energy= Total - Potencial= 0.670 J - 8.25x10^-2 J = 0.5875 J

    Is all this problem correct or not?....
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    Everything looks right, assuming no calculation errors.
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    ok thanks...
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