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Is water a particle or a wave?

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    Is water a particle or a wave?
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    H2O is in fact a molecule (read: particle).
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    Water can act as a medium for transmitting waves (for example throwing a rock in the water produces waves), but it isn't a wave itself. In fact all matter can act as a medium for transmitting waves(sound can travel through air and even solids and liquids).
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    does this not depend on which scale of reference you're referring to? At our human level water is a wave (or at least behaves as one) at the atomic level water is a particle (h20) and at the super subatomic level water once again can be said to be a wave because the super strings or energy oscillations that theoretically make up the atoms of that molecule are waving energy oscillations.
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    Anything below the molecular level is irrelevant to the question, because then you are no longer dealing with water itself, but its constituents.
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    yes but in regards to the thread starter's original question, the fact that he asked about particles/waves seems to imply that he MAY be interested in knowing what "water" is at its molecular level and below since it's pretty common knowledge that a molecule is not a 'wave' in and of itself but could perhaps be comprised of waves of oscillating energies at the far smaller level.
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