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Isolate x in this following function f(x)= ( Variable isolation problem)

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    x2= 61250 e-427t - 61250 cos (2tan ( 25t + 0,0004t2x2))

    Isolate, find x2

    This is a hard one, not a homework question, it's for a project, but if mods feel it like homework, feel free.

    Thanks in adavnce, I have no idea whatsoever what to do.
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    It can't be done. For a given value of t, you can try numerical methods (such as Newton's method) on the equation

    0 = 61250 e-427t - 61250 cos (2tan ( 25t + 0,0004t2x2)) - x2

    to find an approximate value for x.
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