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Isomorphisms of models. (in logic).

  1. Mar 31, 2007 #1
    suppose our language contains one unary syombol function.
    we are given the next 5 models:
    A=<Z,x+1> B=<Z,x-1> C=<Q,-x> D=<Z,-x> E=<Q,x^2>
    write which of the models are isomorphic to eachother.
    where Z is the integer set, and Q is the ratioanls set.

    my answer is that: A isomorphic to B, and C isomorphic to D, and these are the only isomorphisms.
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    I don't understand your question, but I am curious.
    Could you explain it, or could you give me a link where I could find the basic definitions to understand you questions.


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