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It' hard to post thread here in physics formus

  1. May 3, 2012 #1
    i posted two threads today and admins remove all and send me warns lol
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    An explanation of why the threads were deleted was given. Please be sure to read it and to act accordingly.
    Also, if a thread is deleted, do not repost without permission.
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    No it is NOT. Just about all of us post regularly and have absolutely no problems at all. If you post nonsense or wild speculation or personal opinions with no basis in fact, expect to get called on it. Read the rules.
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    how can i get permission ?
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    i posted simple question about some thing i didn't find it in Google Or Wikipedia
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    You have posted many threads that haven't given you trouble. Please **read** the information sent to you via private message which will explain why your threads were closed and what to do about it.
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