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Job dangers associated with chemical engineering

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    Hello Pals,

    My fiance is going to school for chemical engineering. I have read the statistics pertaining to on-the-job fatalities and general risks associated with this career. I warn him daily that he will face substantial risk to his health resulting in, but not limited to; face splash, burns, allergic reactions, inhalant sensitivities, addiction temptations, and general work environment hostility that may or may not end in homicide (reference; case Annie Le vs. Raymond Clark III via Yale University. September 2009. AP.)

    As you can see, even the mildest of risks is drastically life altering, if not life ending.

    So really. Should I be worried?
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    Chemical engineering can be dangerous as a career. My career led me to pulp and paper. That was an open-ended risk, since nobody can know what organic by-products are contained in the black liquor or waste-stream. Every job has risks, but the poorly-regulated ones can be more scary. I did it for the money, and ended up making a lot more consulting for other paper companies.

    Don't worry about chemical splashes, burn, etc. Those are easily avoided with basic protective measures. It's much harder to avoid exposures to airborne chemicals that are in the workplace. Tell your fiance "good luck" and "be careful".
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