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Physics Job prospects for physics students

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    Hey guys, I'm sure this has been covered somewhere on the forum before, but I searched several times and could not find the thread(s), so I'm asking again.

    How do the job prospects look for physics students, at both the undergraduate, and the graduate level. I'm having a hard time finding solid information on the subject, one site will be people talking about how they can't find a job after their schooling, but then the next site will be like this one (http://www.payscale.com/best-colleges/degrees.asp) which lists a physics undergraduate program in it's list of best paying bachelors' degrees...so I'm having trouble deciding what information I can trust.

    Now, I don't want people to think my main concern is making money, because that's not it. I don't care about being "rich" or anything, I'm just making sure I'll be able to find work after college. My goal is at least a M.S, since I think everyone needs a "dream job" and as such, I have mine. However, since it's unlikely to happen, I just need to know that there is work out there.

    Thanks for your time,
    Marshall H.
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    This can be locked/deleted...I just saw the thread like 2 down from this one which is basically what I was looking for, I swear it wasn't there at first lol.
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