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On-the-job training is an important topic of human resource management. It helps develop the career of the individual and the prosperous growth of the organization. On the job training is a form of training provided at the workplace. During the training, employees are familiarized with the working environment they will become part of. Employees also get a hands-on experience using machinery, equipment, tools, materials, etc. Part of on-the-job training is to face the challenges that occur during the performance of the job. An experienced employee or a manager are executing the role of the mentor who through written, or verbal instructions and demonstrations are passing on his/her knowledge and company-specific skills to the new employee. Executing the training on at the job location, rather than the classroom, creates a stress-free environment for the employees. On-the-job training is the most popular method of training not only in the United States but in most of the developed countries, such as the United Kingdom, China, Russia, etc. Its effectiveness is based on the use of existing workplace tools, machines, documents and equipment, and the knowledge of specialists who are working in this field. On-the-job training is easy to arrange and manage and it simplifies the process of adapting to the new workplace. On-the-job training is highly used for practical tasks. It is inexpensive, and it doesn't require special equipment that is normally used for a specific job. Upon satisfaction of completion of the training, the employer is expected to retain participants as regular employees.

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  1. debesta

    Job Skills Nuclear physics vs particle physics job prospects

    Which experimental physics branch has better job prospects (both inside and outside academia) - particle physics or nuclear physics? Is the difference very big?
  2. E

    Other Should I give up string theory due to its job prospects?

    I'm currently a fresh grad student in theoretical physics, and I'm still deciding to choose which research group to join. My current understanding (maybe I'm wrong) is the PhD theme pretty much determines the topic for future post-doc research so I kinda need to choose very carefully. I'm...
  3. ersa17

    Physics Job prospects for accelerator physics

    For a while, I was thinking about pursuing my Master's in physics specializing in accelerator physics for the reasons that, one, it seemed quite fun because it was a mixture of physics and engineering both and I could learn a lot of cool things to do with the particle accelerator(both in...
  4. G

    Physics Industry job prospects for a condensed matter computational physicist

    I'm working on a PhD in condensed matter computational physics, particularly with method development. My plan is to go into industry afterwards, and out of curiosity I've been looking at job listings. It doesn't look good to be honest. Listings for physicists mainly require some type of lab...
  5. W

    Physics Career options for a physicist (MSc)

    Hi PF, I graduated (MSc) six months ago with a 3.7/4.0 GPA and is still unemployed. During my time at university, I focused on my studies and did not give my future work life much thought. Consequently, I do not really know what my options are as a physicist. Sure, after reading countless job...
  6. AryaKimiaghalam

    Physics Physics job prospects in Canada

    Hi, I'm starting my undergrad studies in math and physics this fall. I wanted to know what subfield of physics gives the best job opportunity to a Ph.D. graduate? I want to work in a field that I studied in. Not like particle physicists working in financial maths. Which field uses intense...
  7. L

    Physics Job prospects for a Physics BS

    Hello everybody i need some advices to choos my BS I live in Europe and our Applied Physics BS have these subject (all mandatory) I YEAR Real analysis - Mech Linear algebra - Mech Lab C programming - Chemistry II YEAR Vector analysis - ElMag Termod & Lab - Circuit lab...
  8. R

    Engineering Thinking about my future job prospects in Nuclear Engineering (not a US citizen)

    I've mentioned my admission to MS Nuclear Engineering in the University of Florida earlier. Thing is I am a foreigner. What with all the security most countries have surrounding nuclear technology, would I be limiting myself in the number of parties I can work with? I am aware I have other...
  9. Q

    Other Job prospects in scientific computing

    Which sub field of scientific computing has better employ ability and job prospects? (within computational physics & computational biology). I meant both in industry and research oriented jobs where we would use the skills and knowledge relevant to the degree.
  10. UMath1

    Engineering Engineering Degrees and Job Prospects

    I have been accepted to the UT Austin Cockrell School of Engineering for Mechanical Engineering in Fall 2017. I'll be starting as a sophomore because I have finished all my general education requirements. However, I am not entirely sure I want to stick to MechE. I have been considering Chemical...
  11. A

    Chemistry Is the Chemistry Job Market in Shambles?

    After digging around the web to piece together a picture of the chemistry job market, it looks pretty abysmal. There are countless posts on other sites by disgruntled chemists complaining about working hard for advanced degrees only to end up in low-wage jobs with no benefits and minimal upward...
  12. Crush1986

    Other Experimental Nuclear Physics Job Prospects

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone here knows about the current job prospects for someone with a Ph.D. in experimental nuclear physics. Jobs more so out in industry I guess is what I'm wondering. Any information would be great. I've done some searches on google and see some listings...
  13. L

    Other Graduate job prospects without industrial year

    I'm a computer science student in the UK. People are telling me that an industrial year placement is crucial for getting a job when you graduate. For various reasons I can't do an industrial year. What are my prospects like in terms of getting a job? I basically have nothing to add to my CV...
  14. VoloD

    Job Skills Why is University never considered in the hiring process

    Why do people base a new employees skill set based solely on degree and not the program they attended. For example, engineering is considered to be a marketable field. However, not all engineering programs are created equal. I understand that elite institutions will be preferred over the...
  15. S

    Job Skills The Shrinking Ph.D. Job Market

    A new study from the journal Inside Higher Ed shows that it's more difficult to get a job with an advanced degree: https://www.insidehighered.com/news/2016/04/04/new-data-show-tightening-phd-job-market-across-disciplines
  16. I

    Engineering What Are the Job Prospects and Work Environment for Renewable Energy Engineers?

    hello everyone, I just need some advice from others right now, so I'm going into the field of renewable energy engineering. more importantly I just wanted to know about the job prospects, where it could be in the years to come,job settings ( what would be the environment I would work in ?). and...
  17. Physics-UG

    What are the job prospects for PhDs in astrophysics?

    I was wondering if anyone (preferably Canada, but US would suffice) knew what job prospects were like for those with a PhD in astrophysics? I did some searching around on google, and some places say it's not bad, some say you may not find something in your field but can still find work due to...
  18. RoxyPrior

    Job Prospects in Physics - Will I get employed?

    I'm a student in Grade 11 with dreams of becoming a physicist. I've wanted to become an physicist or astronomer for a long time, but after going through other threads which exclaimed that the job prospects were low and not worth 10+ years of education with little pay, I'm becoming hesitant. The...
  19. M

    Job opportunities? Tricky background situation

    Hi there, So I have a tricky situation. I've recently graduated with a psychology degree but I've been going back to school to pursue a higher education in physics so far its going well. But my current job situation is absolutely nothing related to the field (just something to pay those schools...
  20. J

    Which field of physics has the best job prospects?

    Hey, Which of the following branches of physics has the best chance to gain employment after graduating with Msc: - Meteorology - Materials and nanophysics - Particle and nuclear physics - Electronics and industrial applications physics - Computational physics - Aerosol and environmental...
  21. H

    Medical Physics Job Market and Future Outlook

    Hello Everyone, I hope that you all are well, I'm a new user here at Physics Forums and one who plans on studying medical physics in graduate school, and hopes to pursue a residency. My question is regarding the job market for those medical physicists who have been able to complete a medical...
  22. P

    Is it Worth Sacrificing Passion for a High-Paying Career?

    TL;DR Go for Physics (which I'm not sure if I'm really passionate about it but can't think of any alternatives) or go do something that can earn big bucks.First things first, I'm halfway through my A levels (equivalent of IB) and university application is coming up real soon. I'm privileged...
  23. D

    Engineering What can I do with a Physics BS besides engineering/CS....?

    I am a rising sophomore pursuing a physics BS with 3.75 GPA at a top 30 private university. After working in a lab as a undergrad research assistant, I realized that studying physics and doing physics is a completely different experience. While I love the subject matter, I can't imagine myself...
  24. D

    What to do during physics degree to improve job prospects

    I've just completed the first year of my physics degree. After probing several threads on the subject of job prospects, the outlook from many on here is very bleak. During the summer I've already started learning more mathematics and intend to improve my ( admittedly very basic) programming...
  25. Y

    How are the job prospects with both IE and ME master degrees

    Hello everyone, first please accept my sincere greeting. I finished my 4-year undergraduate study at the top 1 university of China (Tsinghua University) in 2012, majoring in Mechanical engineering (concentration is thermal and heat transfer). After that I came to Purdue University and got a...
  26. P

    Should I Also Study Math? Also panic attack and "woe is me"

    Hello Physics Forums. So I haven't been on here for a very long time, so hello again. I am currently a first year at a university in Canada and am to declare my specialization in the coming months. I came into university expecting I'd want to do a degree in physics and astronomy, but over the...
  27. M

    Job prospects with Masters in Applied Mathematics

    I am at starting to become increasingly worried and I need help/advice/what ever you can give me. My major is mathematics, I will be getting a BS in it next year. I have an interest in Analysis and Probability and will be taking a years sequence in Integration and Measure that year. My...
  28. C

    Navigating the Job Prospects of a PhD in Physics: Exploring Science Policy

    I am in flux at the moment. On one hand I am concerned about the job prospects of a PhD in physics. On the other hand, one of these articles I've read about non-research jobs that can be done with a PhD in physics is science policy. 1. What skills, other than communication (both oral and...
  29. D

    Engineering Job prospects of electrical and electronics engineering

    i have deep interest in electrical and electronics components since i am small. so , i am thinking of studying E&E engineering. but , i have very little exposure to this field. Can someone share what the E&E guys do?
  30. SquareRootOfTwo

    Job Prospects Teaching Physics in High School

    So I'm going to be eligible to teach high school students sooner rather than later, and I have a few questions on how to round out my undergrad to go into the job market with the best chances of getting to teach the classes I want. Bear in mind I'm not limited to one city or state so I already...
  31. H

    Future as a programmer, job prospects?

    Hello, I would like to get your opinion on moving into programming. Basically, I want job security and the ability to work just about anywhere there are jobs. I've considered taking a job as a programmer, but I would like to know what you suspect the job prospects are for such position? From...
  32. TheGeometrist

    Finding Job Prospects with a Physics/Applied Math Degree

    Hello all, I am currently a sophomore enrolled at a state university, with generally good STEM education (regularly ranked top 50 in the US in engineering, cs, physics, astronomy, etc). I am a Physics major CS minor at this particular moment, mainly because I seem to particularly enjoy physics...
  33. Hercuflea

    Math: Job prospects after a PhD in PDE research

    What would the career prospects be for someone who does a Ph. D. in Mathematics with a research focus in partial differential equations? Assuming you got some computer skills along the way like parallel computing, programming, etc? Sure, you could become a professor but most people don't make...
  34. Ritzycat

    Best physics subfields for job prospects?

    I am researching different types of physics subfields and the job outlook for each. I know that astrophysics or particle physics don't exactly have the best prospects, for example. What are the sub-fields of physics where PhDs can find excellent jobs in research? I know accelerator physics and...
  35. Callmejoe

    Programs Finding a Major in Science: Navigating Career Paths and Job Prospects

    I don't know what I should major in, to keep it brief I've already took a year of calc, chemistry, a semester of ordinary diff eq, and physics. Right now I am in generic engineering and can branch out to electrical, industrial, bio medical, or mechanical or possibly transfer to another uni...
  36. denjay

    Job Prospects for a fresh M.S. in Health Physics

    I've been looking at graduate programs for Health Physics because I realized that I might not want a PhD but also want to be employable with a Physics degree. Usually people want a Certified Health Physicist but to be able to take the exam for certification, you need at least 6 years experience...
  37. N

    Job prospects for a B.S. in Astrophysics or Physics?

    Hello all! I'm thinking of getting a B.S. In Astrophysics or Physics and I was wondering what kind of jobs they're applicable to. Are Masters or PhD programs a must? Thanks in advance for any responses, Nassa
  38. NATURE.M

    Physics Job prospects for condensed matter physicists

    From reading this thread, it demonstrates a rather pessimistic view of physics (at least in relation to job employment). Would you say that similar job prospects are true, not only for cosmologists but even condensed matter physicists?
  39. phosgene

    Job prospects: real analysis vs statistics

    Hi guys, I'm entering my second year of a science degree majoring in physics. I'm torn between taking real analysis or statistics this year. Which ever one I take will heavily influence my second major (if I don't take real analysis then its statistics or applied maths. If I do take it then it's...
  40. D

    Math Mathematics, and Economics Job Prospects

    Hi everyone, I've set up my schedule through the next three years so that I will be able to graduate with a double major in mathematics, and economics (both bachelor of science). I was just wondering if anyone knew the job outlook on these two degrees. I have a strong interest in both...
  41. H

    Job Prospects for HKUST Graduates | Engineering Degree

    Hi I will be applying to HKUST soon, would someone enlighten me with the job prospects for a graduate with a Bachelors in Engineering degree from this university Hong Kong University of Science and Technology is ranked 27th in the world according to QS world ranking How much should one...
  42. A

    Math Applied Math PhD Industry Job Prospects

    Hi guys, I'm about to finish my Bachelor's in Mathematics and Statistics and am currently applying to PhD programs in Applied Math/Scientific Computing. My research interests are in PDEs, Numerical Analysis, and Fluid Dynamics. However, I am a little hesitant about proceeding because I'm...
  43. S

    Do statisticians actually have a decent job prospects?

    Despite I have been told that there are plenty of jobs for statisticians, it seems like there aren't that many jobs on indeed or other websties as I thought, or at least that of software-related jobs. It also seems like there are way more quantitative analyst jobs than statistics jobs. Although...
  44. D

    Physics Job Prospects for Ph.D. Holders in Condensed Matter Physics

    Hello, all. I'm considering applying to Ph.D. programs in experimental condensed matter physics. My general research interests would be in the electrical and optical properties of materials, particularly semiconductors and nanostructures, and their applications to information and solar energy...
  45. G

    Math Applied math vs. statistics PhD - job prospects

    Applied math vs. statistics PhD -- job prospects I'm a math major considering pursuit of a PhD in applied math or stats when I graduate. I'm trying to ascertain the job prospects in these fields. Can anyone provide some information on how readily jobs are available in industry and academia in...
  46. V

    Engineering Job Prospects in Medical Physics and Engineering

    Hi PF, I've recently graduate with an MS Physics with no specific emphasis. I quickly learned that it is very difficult to obtain a career in physics and I am considering continuing my education onto PhD Medical Physics or MS Electrical Engineering. I am very interested in all of both of...
  47. C

    Engineering Job prospects in electronics engineering

    I am a final year student of b.tech (electrical and electronics) at NITK,india. I want to pursue my masters degree in Canada or USA (preferably Canada) with a long term intention of settling down in said countries. I have mainly done projects in the field of robotics,signal processing and AI...
  48. C

    Job prospects in electronics engineering

    I am a final year student of b.tech (electrical and electronics) at NITK,india. I want to pursue my masters degree in Canada or USA (preferably Canada) with a long term intention of settling down in said countries. I have mainly done projects in the field of robotics,signal processing and AI...
  49. B

    Engineering Job Prospects for a Physicist and an Aerospace Engineer

    How difficult is it to acquire a job in these professions? Which would you recommend? I have discovered that the career prospects for a physicist (who works in research- astronomy, particle physics etc) are bleak but what about for an aerospace engineer? Also, I live in the UK and yield a...
  50. S

    Math How good are job prospects for math majors?

    Hi. I'm planning on doing a double major with psychology and mathematics. My parents are opposed to this, and they think that I should major in psychology and do premed. They are doctors and all their doctor friends are employed and having a good life in general. The only people that they know...