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Joining a base/foot to a leg without welding

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    I am looking to make a training equipment where the legs and the bases could be assembled and disassembled easily

    Using bolts is one option, but I am looking for a quicker option where the user just slides the base into the foot and start using the equipment.

    having the foot and base apart will make the packaging of the equipment more economic and compact.

    The foot is about 12" wide and the leg is about 10" high

    Thank you for any suggestion
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    There is nowhere near enough information to make a decent/useful comment unfortunately. It may be ok to just slide it in, it may not.

    What's the application, what is the 'equipment'? Does it move when in operation? What does the leg and foot look like? etc.
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    Could put a pipe on the foot that is of a smaller diameter to allow it to slot inside the leg? Drill a hole through both pieces and then put a pin through.
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