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Medical Journals that cover cycling regularly?

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    I'm curious: which journals usually have cycling research posted to them? If the term is too much of a catch-all, then I'm mostly interested in the physiology of the high endurance portion (as opposed to sprinting).
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    Cycling as in riding a bike? Most likely some sort of sports medicine or sports science journal. If you have specific questions it's probably easier to search for a study rather than a journal directly.
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    Aside from pubmed or pubmed central (the latter lists free articles if you don't have access to journals through subscriptions/universities/libraries etc), you can try the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) at the link below. I'm not really sure if the journals they list are peer reviewed in any way, but the organization is pretty legit. They are not free journals AFAIK, though I have not been reading too much sports medicine research in the past couple of years so I'm "out of the loop."


    National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA) also has a journal, I believe.

    ryan_m_b is correct though. You're better off searching for the topic through a search engine/database (like pubmed or google scholar). Finding a journal dedicated to cycling and specifically to the physiology of long duration cycling is probably impossible. You'll find tons of research on cycling dispersed throughout many journals though, so a few appropriate keywords in pubmed will be way more helpful than looking through individual associations/organizations.
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