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Jumping into a earthcenter tunnel

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    What if you would be able to jump into a hole in the ground that went straight trough the middle of the earth.
    And what IF
    The tunnel stays intact,
    You dont fry to death,
    You dont suffocate,
    You dont hit the walls,

    Would you yoyo? Would you be compressed badly? Would you be torn apart?
    im curious :biggrin:
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    Simon Bridge

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    The strength of gravity increases as you approach the core - it's denser than the mantle and crust right? However there is a stage where the gravity will start decreasing to zero at the center. You can actually work it out using the structure of the interior of the Earth as a guide:
    ... some notes.

    Humans are quite small on the scale of the earth so I don't expect the difference in field between your head and your feet to be strong enough to rip you apart.

    See also: http://www.wired.com/science/discoveries/multimedia/2008/08/gallery_kola_borehole/ [Broken]
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    You would simply move up and down past the core until friction from the air in the tunnel caused you to settle at the center of the Earth. No tearing apart or anything like that.
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    Thanks for the replies, i really appreciate it.
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    Negating friction, and assuming Earth was a perfect sphere, you would gently pop right out the hole on the other side. Just be sure to get a foothold before you started back down!
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