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Physics Just can't get enough Particle Physics

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    I'm a 14 year old, living in Ireland. The country where many great authors and poets have come from. Unfortunately not nearly enough particle physicists. So my question is: How do I learn as much as I can about particle physics. There's only so many books you can read before you start to just waste your money on information you can't understand. And my science teacher isn't exactly a genius.
    By the way, I'm posting this because the other day I was talking to someone roughly the same age as me, who also had a great interest in particle physics, but he knew so much more than me.:confused:
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    Well, what do you know about it, and why does it interest you?
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    I highly doubt you have yet even started your A'Levels, eh? Plus, as you say those books are difficult to understand: that's because particle physics is not elementary physics. You need to understand a lot about fundamentals of physics and mathematics before plunging into Particle Physics. So, be patient and don't worry.

    further, your teacher doesn't need to be a 'genius'. You can get along with an average teacher as well. What ACTUALLY matters is YOUR devotion and passion about what you choose to do!


    "Contemplation and curiosity is the basis of all knowledge"
    -Albert Einstein (1879-1955)
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    Just make sure you get top grades in your school physics classes. And maths. Then you will be all set up to study higher level physics at university.
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