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Just finished algebra 1 now what?

  1. Mar 23, 2013 #1
    I'm not sure I'm allowed to link the pdf of the book but here is an image http://pixhost.me/avaxhome/95/3a/000a3a95_medium.jpeg [Broken] and I've just finished it. I really learnt a lot from this book considering I knew pretty much no algebra when I first opened it 2 months ago.

    Now I am looking for my second book, I think I'm ready for precalculus stuff, trig ect but I'm really fussy when it comes to books. I really dislike books which have pages and pages of text, I like something to be explained, then explained with an example and then some exercises to be solved based on what I've just been told.

    That Intergrated algebra 1 book does this very very well which is why I liked it so much. I'm thinking to pick up the next book from which is this http://pixhost.me/avaxhome/e0/ce/000acee0_medium.jpeg [Broken] but just wanted to hear opinions.

    Also if someone could recommend a basic and I mean very basic physics book, something which will teach me the basic stuff.

    I'm self studying so books with plenty of exercises in will be a great plus!

    Thank you.
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    Actually, I think that book is the THIRD in Amsco's series. Many schools (for good or bad) follow the Algebra 1 - Geometry - Algebra 2 sequence, so if you want to continue using the books from Amsco, you should get
    this one for your 2nd book. After that, you can use the Algebra 2/Trig book.
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