What is Algebra 1: Definition and 30 Discussions

From kindergarten through high school, the mathematics education in public schools in the United States has historically varied widely from state to state, and often even varies considerably within individual states. With the recent adoption of the Common Core Standards by 45 states, mathematics content across the country is moving into closer agreement for each grade level.

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  1. mathgenie

    I Taking the derivative of a function

    I would like to take the derivative of the following function with respect to Gt: $$\mathrm{G}_{t+1}=\mathrm{g}_{0}\mathrm{e}^{-qHt}$$ I think that the answer is either -1 or ##\mathrm{e}^{-qHt}-1## If you could show the calculations that would be a great help. Thanks very much.
  2. M

    Algebra Algebra 2 textbook recommendations please

    I am currently learning some maths from “Precalculus by James Stewart”. I was wondering if that’s ok? Is it ok to just dive straight into it or go back and brush up my algebra 2 ? I was wondering what are some good textbooks on algebra 2 by the way? Thank you. (This is all for the love of physics).
  3. bhobba

    Unlock the Power of Calculus: Algebra 1 to Boaz for Students

    Here is an interesting book a student could do after after Algebra 1, or even integrate into an Algebra 1 course: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077VV95N3/?tag=pfamazon01-20 And a website: https://www.calculussolution.com/ Several topics become easier, such as logarithms, when you know a...
  4. whatevs

    Intro Math Are the (translated) High School Japanese maths textbooks by Kodaira Good?

    I'm trying to review some high school maths and work my way to Calculus and Linear Algebra, and I found these three translations of Japanese maths textbooks translated by the AMS and edited by Kunihiko Kodaira. The AMS links to them are: https://bookstore.ams.org/cdn-1669378252560/mawrld-8/...
  5. S

    I Linear Algebra 1 problem, Vector Geometry: Lines

    Problem: Given the line L: x = (-3, 1) + t(1,-2) find all x on L that lie 2 units from (-3, 1). I know the answer is (3 ± 2 / √5, -1 ± 4/√5) but I don't know where to start. I found that if t=2, x= (-5, 5) and the normal vector is (2, 1) but I am not sure if this information is useful or how...
  6. hackedagainanda

    Money question about percentage — Algebra 1

    I've tried to answer but I've been coming up with nonsense answers, but I'll show my method and see if its right or wrong so I can get pointed in the right direction. .35x + .45(35 - x) = 4.25, I think this is where my error is but I'm unsure. Multiply by 100 to clear the decimals and I get...
  7. J

    High school algebra 1 topics - have they changed recently?

    Hello, One of my children is switching to a new school system next year, and I was surprised to find that they cover subjects such as fractional exponents, exponential functions, rational functions and perhaps other topics as part of algebra 1. Their book has "common core" in the title, if that...
  8. biologyboy89

    Learn Algebra 1: Self-Study Guide & Tips

    Hey guys, I have never finished algebra 1 in high school which was around 10 years ago. I want to start myself on a good foundation so I can learn more advanced math. My ultimate goal in the end is to learn meteorology; so I need to start somewhere. For algebra 1 are you able to list things...
  9. M

    How to Use AOPS Books for Self-Learning: Tips and Recommendations

    Hi, I just acquired the art of problem solving prealgebra book. So I would like to ask, how does one use the AOPS books, are they meant to be supplementary to a full textbook? Or are they used for introducing new concepts that you would have leant in a textbook etc. I am hoping to use the AOPS...
  10. M

    Best Algebra TextBook For Self Learner?

    Hi there, I have been searching multiple websites and forums but have not found a cohesive answer to my queries. I am currently going through this textbook to learn pre-algebra: https://www.amazon.com/dp/0618250034/?tag=pfamazon01-20 Also, is this a good book to be studying as an autodidact...
  11. S

    Which must be first? Beginner programming, or Algebra 1?

    I am just curious about this. Must one of these be taught before the other, or does the order not really matter? Should a student be taught beginning computer programming AFTER being taught introductory algebra 1? Or can the reverse order be done? My guess is that learning Algebra 1 first is...
  12. Asleky

    Dynamics: Incline Slope Derivation Simplification

    Homework Statement No official problem, just a study guide fill-in-the-blanks with an extended simplification blank. Basically, no values were given, and it is a standard block on a standard slope with a north-east applied force pushing down on the block (not parallel to horizontal or vertical...
  13. T

    Algebra What is the best book to learn algebra 1 from?

    I need a book that has a lot of problems and can teach me how to solve word problems well and comes with a lot of problems to solve at the end of the chapter or unit.
  14. T

    Is it possible to learn pre-algebra to pre-calc in 9 months?

    I am currently in year 9 (9 grade for those in US) and I have a really rusty and a weak math background. I have 2 months of summer holidays coming up. I should be done with pre algebra in mid December. During my summer holidays I have more than 50 hours a week avalible for study and I was just...
  15. B

    MHB Solve Ramesh's Algebra 1 Homework on Ages

    Help me to solve my algebra 1 homework on ages Ramesh's father was 38 years of age when he was born while his mother was 36 years old when his sister four years younger to him was born. Then what is the difference between the ages of his parents? Thanks.
  16. B

    Linear algebra 1: cauchy schwarz problem

    Homework Statement If llull = 4, llvll = 5 and u dot v = 10, find llu+vll. u and v are vectors Homework Equations llu+vll = llull + llvll cauchy schwarz The Attempt at a Solution (1) llu+vll = llull + llvll (2) (llu+vll)^2 = (llull + llvll)^2 (3) (llu+vll)^2 = llull^2 +...
  17. H

    Compound/complex fractional expressions. Algebra 1.

    Homework Statement x/y - y/x ---------- 1/x^2 - 1/y^2 Simplify the compound fractional exponent. Homework Equations The process that you are supposed to use are 1. finding the LCD and combining the expressions in the numerator and then the denominator, making it just a regular...
  18. U

    Just finished algebra 1 now what?

    I'm not sure I'm allowed to link the pdf of the book but here is an image http://pixhost.me/avaxhome/95/3a/000a3a95_medium.jpeg and I've just finished it. I really learned a lot from this book considering I knew pretty much no algebra when I first opened it 2 months ago. Now I am looking for...
  19. L

    Linear Algebra 1: my first class

    I just had my first Linear Algebra at the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (Brazil). The teacher talked about vector spaces, and I found it very abstract. I am starting to think about the subject, and any comments are welcome! I just need a place to vent my thoughts and frustrations, so I am...
  20. W

    Speed-distance Algebra 1 Problem

    Toward the end of Middle School, I always knew it would come time for me to confront my algebraic innumeracy by means of rigorous and meticulous study of textbooks made available to me by friends who have taken Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 courses, to acquaint myself with what I need to know in order...
  21. M

    From Algebra 1 through Pre-calculus?

    Do you think it is possible to educate oneself from Algebra 1, through Pre-calculus? Given about 10 to 15 hours of serious self-study a week for 8 months? I just want an honest opinion on what my chances may be, assuming I'm of average proficiency. And by “educate ones self”, I mean sit...
  22. P

    Understanding Algebra 1: Multiplying (AX + B)(C - D) Simplified

    Does this... (AX + B)(C - D) when you multiply the first numbers... AX and C mean the same thing as (AX)C -D(AX) +BC -BD or this AXC - DAX + BC - BD which one is it?
  23. Holocene

    From algebra 1 through pre-calculus.

    Do you feel it is possible to educate ones self from algebra 1, through pre-calculus, given 6 full months of study, say 50 hours a week? I just want an honest opinion on what my chances may be, assuming I'm of average proficiency. And by “educate ones self”, I mean sit down with books and...
  24. A

    30 minutes to Correct 150 Quizzes - Algebra 1 Problem

    I'm confused on how to solve this problem effectively. I have solved it using my own "wierd" way. I will post my solution but please post others that may be more understandable. Thanks. Problem: Mr. Jacobs can correct 150 quizzes in 50 minutes. His student aide can correct 150 quizzes in 75...
  25. K

    .Solve the Algebra 1 Puzzle: Two Men and Their Ages

    Algebra 1 Help! This is really easy but I just can't seem to get it. Two men were talking about their ages. One said he was 94 years old. "Then," said the younger, "the sum of your age and mine multiplied by the difference will be 8512." How old was the young man. I thought all i...
  26. G

    Stuck on Algebra 1 Equation: Help Solve for x!

    I have an equation on my homework that looks like this. \frac{x}{2}+ \frac{x}{3}+10=x I have to solve for x but have no idea what the first step is. I know I'm making it more complicated than it is, but it's been awhile since I was in Algebra 1! Any ideas??
  27. K

    Find the Best Algebra 1 Textbook for You!

    What would be a good algebra 1 textbook? I'm out of high school & aced algebra in high school. However it has been four years... & well I don't remember anything I learned from the classes. I went to amazon.com & checked for algebra 1 textbooks (figure I might as well start from the...
  28. S

    Solve for xy in Algebra 1: 3x+4y=7 and 2y=6x+6

    If 3x+4y=7 and 2y=6x+6, then what is xy? 3X+4y=7 -6X+2y=6 (2)3X+4y=7 which goes to 6X+8Y=14 I cross the X out, subtract and get 6y=8 then I got 4/3 and final answer i got was 20/3 HOWEVER, the answer says is is -2/3 ... I don't understand how that is the answer... Please Help!
  29. S

    Need Help with Algebra 1: 1800 cubic cm in a 12x6 box

    Need help. How long must a rectangular box be in order to hold 1,800 cubic centimeters if its width is 12 centimeters and its height is 6 centimeters? Please help me.