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Just got 50 on my first Calc II test

  1. Sep 15, 2009 #1
    Three more tests left

    is it still possible to end up with A in this class
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    There's not enough information here to figure it out, but it sounds like an algebra problem. If you can't solve it, then perhaps it will be difficult to get a good grade in a calculus class.
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    I know if I get 100 on next three tests my average will be 87.5

    but is it doable?
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    It's doable, but will you do it is the ultimate question
  6. Sep 15, 2009 #5

    tell me what I need to do

    I'll do anything, by that I mean ANYTHING
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    You need to change what you were doing before ASAP because it didn't work, and commit to another plan.

    I think the only way to learn math better is work out as many problems as possible. That means you have to spend more hours per day studying. Also ask alot questions in class, that will save you time finding the answer on your own, also ask friends for help, and of course PF is more that welcome to help you with your math problems. You just have to put in more effort.
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    Okay I'll do that. I've been playing poker too much lately. That needs to stop
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    Repeat that word for word to your professor.
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    This made me laugh, not sure if it was supposed to... (-__-')
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    Look up your professor's office hours. Put them on your calendar for every week from now until the final exam. Be sure to attend them and ask questions about the things you do not understand.

    If the problem is that you were playing poker rather than studying, that is very easy to resolve...start studying instead of playing poker.
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    lots of memorization required there. best calc II class i had, we were tested every week. good for keeping up and not getting behind. not something you can effectively cram for. study some every day.
  14. Dec 10, 2009 #13
    So I ended up getting 85

    On the last day of class the prof asks why I didn't fix the 50.

    I seriously didn't know I had the chance to make up!

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    Of course, if you would have repeated word for word to the professor you would have known.....
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    Congrats on pulling your grade back up! Hopefully that means you've figured out what you need to do to study better now and will continue to do well in your future courses applying your new skills.

    Sounds like you still need to remember you're given a syllabus for a reason. This is your instruction manual for the course, make sure you read it carefully and are aware when such things are or aren't allowed.
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    Nice work!

    But what's truly amazing is that he updated this old thread! No one ever does!
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    particularly in relationships forum ..
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    Are you being facetious? People updating threads discussing their calculus scores in the relationship forum seems to be one of the distinctive attributes of PF.

    I understand those people completely. Geez, if only I'd just let Bianca Rizzimanzi copy my Calculus homework back in 1975, I could have lost my virginity before the age of 37! How my life would have changed!

    With sex to look forward to, I probably wouldn't have dropped out of college and hitch hiked to California!
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