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Engineering Just got my Electrical engineering degree in Canada - what to do next!

  1. Aug 20, 2012 #1
    I just graduated from electrical engineering from University of Toronto. I am interested in Hardware and robotics mostly. Most of the courses I took are in Analog and digital hardware and a little bit of power. I was wondering about job perspective in Western Canada where the jobs have higher pay. I was thinking if I should move to Edmonton or take a course in college to make my resume look better and what courses are out there. What should I do next. Most of the jobs out there are not very technical in Ontario and the ones out there require you to have a Masters/Phd and a lot of experience. I want to build, test and design hardware and automated systems.

    Thank you.
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    MSc degrees in Canada are generally paid for, meaning that one is given a job as a teaching and/or research assistant and/or a fellowship, which should be enough to cover tuition and living expenses. At least, that's the way it works for science and engineering.
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    @ Mepris - Yes but I don't think I have the marks to do MSc :(
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    You can try finding a job at a company which would sponsor your masters. If you follow that option, then you can determine if a PhD would be helpful after your masters.

    For example, I had a classmate (from McGill) who is currently working at Altera in Toronto and doing a part-time masters at University of Toronto.
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    Yes, but that's one in a million not everyone is lucky with these kind of jobs and options
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    To the OP:

    I have a few questions I would like to ask you:

    (a) While at U of T, did you take part in the PEY? If so, then one option would be to see if you can network with your former employer to see what are opportunities that are available.

    (b) What were your grades in your Electrical Engineering program? More specifically, what were your grades in your final 2 years?

    (c) Have you taken part in the NSERC USRA or other similar internships with faculty? Experience in this way can go some way to addressing concerns about grades in terms of being admitted to a masters program.

    Now as far as advice is concerned, I would think pursuing a masters is a good idea for engineering, as it would make you more employable in a wide range of engineering ideas, especially if you are interested in robotics. I used to work for Engineering Services Inc., a spinoff company from U of T specializing in robotics and automation (I was the sole statistician among a team of engineers, mostly either those with Masters or current PhD students). Their web link can be found below.


    If you feel that pursuing your Masters is not really an option for you, then I would suggest you consult with career services at U of T or the department to see what options are available, including those closer to Toronto, as well as work on preparing your resume. Moving to Western Canada is certainly an option I would consider if there are positions there that interest you.
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    Thank you statGuy ... Trust me you don't want to know my mark. My last 2 years would be around 2.5 gpa. I don't consider my self dumb but stupid for not realizing and thinking about my career. I have friends that have found jobs with marks worse than mine, so I am not completely hopeless. I graduated in May so hopefully by the end of this year I am hoping to land something. I think I will be moving to Alberta or BC if I can't get a job by the end of this year. Start either a diploma program at a College there or hunt for jobs. I was wondering if I should start doing small projects that I can put on my resume. I don't think any university will take me in their M.Eng program.
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