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Homework Help: Just Tell Me If Its Doable (Vectors)

  1. Oct 12, 2008 #1
    Just Tell Me If Its "Doable" (Vectors)

    Here's the problem:
    Give magnitude and direction from the positive x axis, given A=60. Use the following picture:


    I know how to do vectors...
    Ax: 60cos(28)=52.98
    Ay: 60sin(28)=28.17

    Cx: 0
    Cy: 46.8

    B: ?
    B: ?

    Now correct me if I am wrong, but don't I need the angle of B in order to solve?
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    Doc Al

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    Re: Just Tell Me If Its "Doable" (Vectors)

    What's the exact statement of the problem?
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    Re: Just Tell Me If Its "Doable" (Vectors)

    Determine the vector A - C, given the vectors A and C in Fig. 3-35 (A = 60.0).

    Direction:____ ° (from the positive x axis)
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    Doc Al

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    Re: Just Tell Me If Its "Doable" (Vectors)

    This has nothing to do with B, so B's angle is not needed.

    Good, except for the sign of Cy.
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    Re: Just Tell Me If Its "Doable" (Vectors)

    Oh ok I got it now. Since its A-C, I just take my C values and times them by -1. So now I have,
    C=-46.8(-1)=46.8 (y)
    C=0 (x)

    And then I take the values Rx and Ry:

    Rx: 52.98
    Ry: 74.97

    And plug in the formula:


    And I get my angle:


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