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Ketones behaviour towards isomerism?

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    In an article I read that higher ketones show metamerism because of larger substituents but still other websites reveal that they show metamerism irrespective if lower or higher? help plz
    i hope mr. borek dont find fault with it now kindly...
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    I told you to consider the differences between propanone, butanone and pentanones. There is only one propanone and butanone, but several ketones containing five carbon atoms (and many more isomers of every ketone containing more carbons). Try to draw them and see for yourself why it is the case.

    You have again posted in a wrong forum, plus, what you did now counts as a crosspost, you should post in the old thread. You were told several times to read the forum rules, you are still not following them. I don't want to ban you, but with each post you are leaving me with less and less options. From now on your every post not following the rules will be deleted.
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