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Kinematics Projectile Question

  1. Dec 12, 2015 #1
    I'll admit that I'm not an undergraduate(I'm in high school), but I do have a kinematic question that I'm extremely curious about. I basically would like to ask what affects the motion of a projectile, and make it stray from its path. So if I a projectile(let's use a rocket) is flying downward, vertical, path, what would affect its path and make it stray from its path? Let us also add that the projectile is being fired toward someone.

    Here is a scenario: Let us say for instance someone is firing a rocket She is standing on a plaform trunk that supports her weight(although she doesn't have any training with the weapon itself). We shall also state that the weather is clear, that their is no wind, although their are a bunch of ships that are landing. What position would she need to be to have the projectile stray of its path?

    Another thing is would other forces(like drag) be able to stray the projectile of its path?
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    There is a subtle difference between a projectile and a rocket, so you confuse me with "So if I a projectile(let's use a rocket)..."
    For a projectile you have simple equations of motion and the trajectory is a parabola if you can ignore air resistance. I thought that was treated in high school physics too ?
    A rocket has its own propulsion so that't a bit more complicated.
    Which one you want to know about ?

    Your scenario is weird, almost suspect in these times. Physicists try to isolate the subject of interest as much as they can when designing experiments!
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