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Homework Help: Kinematics: projectiles question

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    Given the context of this question being quite large and my main problem being the solving i won't bother with diagrams but anyway

    the kinematics conditons are

    Such that i have 10 = (Vcos15)t + 0.5gt^2
    1.9 = (Vsin15)t + 0.5gt^2

    Can anyone please show me the steps for solving this simultaneously for V,

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    Write the 1st eqn as:Vcos15 = whatever
    Write the 2nd eqn as :Vsin15 = whichever

    Divide the 1st eqn by the 2nd eqn
    Solve for t
    substitute for t into the 1st or 2nd eqn
    Solve for V
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