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Lab preparation of dinitrogen

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    how are NO and HNO3 produced during the preparation of Nitrogen using NH4Cl and NaNO3 removed so that purer product could be obtained
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    Can't say I understand what the question is about. Try to reword it.
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    I think he is asking how to increase the purity of Dinitrogen gas produced as of reaction of NH4Cl with NaNO3, and he stated that he need to remove the byproducts.
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    I conjecture that if we mix NH4Cl and NaNO3, the resultant compound will yield NH4NO3, which, is an explosive I suppose. Gently warming the mixture will produce N2O, not N2.

    If you want to produce N2, try making NH4NO2.
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    you are right
    it will be NH4NO2 but small amounts of NO and HNO3 are also produced in this reaction.
    I wanted to know which reagent might be used and equation of the reaction that will take place on using that reagent
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    Just gently warm the above mentioned compound, as it is not an innocent compound. In fact, it is an explosive material.

    Heating it gently will yield N2 and water. If NO is formed (I don't know how), you can pass this gas first through a supply of oxygen. Oxygen will convert NO to NO2. Now pass this mixture through water. NO2 is soluble in water, yielding Nitrous and Nitric acid.

    Nitric acid formed in the reaction will just stay in the solution, no need to worry except when handling the solution. You got yourself a good yield of Dinitrogen.

    In my opinion, if you want high lab yield of Dinitrogen gas, you should heat alkali metal azides.
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