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Laboratory HVAC Design Inquiries

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    I'm doing a university project on HVAC design of a laboratory(Agricultural Products).I'm having trouble verifying whether I have understood what I have researched correctly This is what I have understood from what I've read.First I would calculate the cooling/heating loads as I would have from any other type of building taking into consideration of course miscellaneous loads that would occur in the lab. Than I would calculate exhaust flow required from hoods that would satisfy contamination concerns.Afterwards, I would adjust the supply flow to satisfy the required pressure relationship of the lab w.r.t adjacent spaces. Than I would verify that the required ACH are met (according to say ASHRAE standards).
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    Sounds good so far. Are there different positive pressure requirements for different contamination levels? Are you planning on including an exhaust hood in the system (like for handling chemicals, etc.)?
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    yes exhaust hoods and BSC are definitely included
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