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A laboratory (UK: , US: ; colloquially lab) is a facility that provides controlled conditions in which scientific or technological research, experiments, and measurement may be performed. Laboratory services are provided in a variety of settings: physicians' offices, clinics, hospitals, and regional and national referral centers.

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  1. harutsuki

    I think I ended up in the wrong Laboratory? (Theoretical Cosmology)

    TL;DR Summary: I dont enjoy my lab subject. I am currently in grad school (not US) and in the theoretical Cosmology laboratory, however I feel like I ended up in the wrong side. I did undergrad research project in astrophysical data simulation and thought that this is what I want to do in...
  2. J

    Laboratory Rocker - type of mechanical movement & related information

    Hi all I have a question about this device in https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2948680/files. Where can I find more information/reading material about this type of mechanical movement (for example, what is the ratio between the motor circle radius, pin location and the table bearings). I wish...
  3. robertphy

    Writing a Physics laboratory worksheet, Inspired by Inquiry

    Hi, the task for me is writing a worksheet about Physics experiments in the classroom with a strong emphasis on Inquiry Methods. If you have any suggestion about it (web, courses, people in the field), I'd be very grateful to hear from you. In the meantime, have a safe day.
  4. mfig

    Where to purchase laboratory samples?

    Hello, I am looking to purchase laboratory samples for mechanical testing. For example, Charpy impact test samples and standard tensile test samples. Does anyone have a recommendation for a reliable source? Thanks
  5. sysprog

    AI for Science: From Atoms to the Cosmos - Argonne National Laboratory

    November 3, 2021 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM Online Register https://www.alcf.anl.gov/events/ai-science-atoms-cosmos https://www.anl.gov/event/ai-for-science-from-atoms-to-the-cosmos
  6. S

    Biology Which method would be wrong to use for gene expression?

    I've been struggling, no matter what I try to do I can't come up with a solution. The answer is in situ, but in my mind it would work perfectly fine. The only thing we would do is just use an RNA probe complementary to the gene we are trying to detect and it should light up the moment the gene...
  7. manareus

    Instrument name for water sampling and analysis

    Hello, thank you for your attention in my thread. I'm the head of Youth Science Club on one of the many High School in Indonesia, I got many members and I want to guide them for doing water sampling and analysis. In the history of my high school, no one is able to do water sampling and...
  8. R

    SR: Finding the speed of particles wrt the laboratory

    Homework Statement Two particles in a high-energy accelerator experiment approach each other head-on with a relative speed of 0.890c. Both particles travel at the same speed as measured in the laboratory. What is the speed of each particle, as measured in the laboratory? Homework Equations...
  9. Dr. Courtney

    Insights An Accurate Simple Harmonic Oscillator Laboratory - Comments

    Greg Bernhardt submitted a new blog post An Accurate Simple Harmonic Oscillator Laboratory Continue reading the Original Blog Post.
  10. Dr. Courtney

    Insights An Accurate Hooke's Law Laboratory - Comments

    Greg Bernhardt submitted a new blog post An Accurate Hooke's Law Laboratory Continue reading the Original Blog Post.
  11. Another

    Maxwellian velocity distribution laboratory

    https://www.nikhef.nl/~h73/kn1c/praktikum/phywe/LEP/Experim/3_2_03.pdf In direction lab. I wonder why frequency of oscillator set at 50 s^(-1) ? I want to know if the frequency affects the speed of paricles?
  12. alphaj

    Are open-air distillation and simple distillation the same?

    Homework Statement There really is no problem for this. I am just writing my procedure for orgo lab and I haven't don't any distillation before. I tried googling "open-air" distillation to see if it was equivalent to simple distillation, but I can't seem to get a straight answer. Homework...
  13. I

    EMF and internal resistance laboratory work

    1. The problem statement I did a laboratory work in which I had to find power and internal resistance. I used an ordinary battery so it's closed circuit. I did all tasks except writing a hypothesis and conclusion I can't really think of it. I don't know what to write since I just measure using...
  14. P

    Other Should I become the Physics lab coordinator for my university?

    Background: Physics and Math major, turning Sophomore from next semester. I worked for a professor during the summer (for free) in high energy Physics trying to plot the signals from a function generator to a computer using a microcontroller. He was really impressed with my work (basically, he...
  15. D

    The physical meaning of a slope

    Homework Statement Yesterday, our physics class had a laboratory examination, in which we used a protractor as a "weight". We hung some paperclips and checked the angle. Then, they asked about the physical meaning of the slope of the graph: tan( angle) as a function of n( number of...
  16. M

    I Determining Appropriate Focal Length

    So I'm working on a project where we're deciding a new lens to use for our laser diode. I need to determine the appropriate focal length based on the equation: 1/ƒ = 1/μ + 1/σ where ƒ is our focal length, μ is the distance from the lens to image and σ is distance from lens to object. For the...
  17. M

    Calculating Magnetic Field Strength from FFT

    Hello All, Briefly on the exposition; I'm an undergraduate assistant to a professor. We contribute to the Muon g-2 experiment in Fermilab, designing and optimizing the magnetic-measurement equipment. As you might imagine I utilize the Fourier Transform often to analyze data. The data I'm...
  18. ervays

    -40 to 70C Degrees Special Refrigerator

    Hi all, I'm trying to find a special refrigeration device that can goes from -40 Degrees to 70 degrees. I need this machine for a laboratory to test sensors in differente temperatures. Does anyone knows where can I find something like that? Kind Regards Vicente
  19. amarante

    I 21 cm emission in a laboratory

    Hey, I kind of understand the process of the 21 cm emission of the atomic Hydrogen, I know how rare it should be but still it is detectable in our Galaxy due to the huge amount of atomic hydrogen it has. However, I was wondering if it is possible to detect the 21 cm emission line in a...
  20. M

    Electronic Noise General Questions - Laboratory Setting

    Hello all, I'm an undergraduate at a large research university in Massachusetts working in a lab where my group contributes to the Muon g-2 experiment at Fermilab in chicago. Essentially what I'm working on is optimizing an optical rotation (Faraday) magnetometer system for use in magnetic...
  21. C

    Chemistry Chemistry Professionals -- I have an Interview -- help please

    Hey everyone, I am a recent chemistry undergrad and just got an interview for a lab supervisor at a local college (undergrad) I know I will have to assume a lot of responsibility, and I am prepared for that. However, being my first professional opportunity, I have no idea what to expect. I know...
  22. anferoar6

    What is the name of this Laboratory Instrument?

    What is the name of this Laboratory Instrument?
  23. J

    Classical Man Made World Laboratory Manual - anyone for sale?

    I would like to buy a copy (cheap) of the Laboratory Manual for Man Made World - preferably 2nd edition but I will take the 1968. Thank You
  24. A

    Producing EM waves in laboratory

    Homework Statement I am just wondering is there any apparatus available to produce EM waves of arbitrary wavelength and intensities? If not, how I can produce an EM wave of my desired wavelength in the laboratory? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I completely have no idea :(
  25. pioneerboy

    Lunar and Planetary Laboratory vs. Steward Observatory

    Hi there, The University of Arizona has these two institutes (among many others, of course): - Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, LPL for short - Steward Observatory As far as I understand, both are into space research and astronomy. If I wanted to join either one or the other, I would have no...
  26. A

    Identification of a ratio using Refractive indices (RESOLVED)

    Homework Statement I need to find the X of two substances using only the data found in lab. Which is: nmixture=1.4156 nbutan-2-one=1.3787 ntoluene=1.4970 For the mixture, I don't know what X (the mole fraction) is. That is what I must find out. Homework Equations nmixture= (Xbutan-2-one...
  27. D

    Who are best manufacturers of training equipment for labs?

    We're going to equip our fundamental physics labs: - Mechanics lab - Electricity and magnetism lab - Geometrical lab - Thermodynamics lab Which brand is qualified in your experience?
  28. I

    Working in a lab with magnetic fields: Bio-hazardous?

    I am meeting a professor this week to see if I can work in his lab. His area of research is magnetism. In a preliminary meeting, he told me that the 'ambient' magnetic field in the lab is about twice the magnetic field of the earth. I spent about 10 minutes in the lab. There was a machine with...
  29. T

    Laboratory HVAC Design Inquiries

    I'm doing a university project on HVAC design of a laboratory(Agricultural Products).I'm having trouble verifying whether I have understood what I have researched correctly This is what I have understood from what I've read.First I would calculate the cooling/heating loads as I would have from...
  30. D

    A microscope in an electricity laboratory

    Is there any usage for a measuring microscope in an electricity laboratory as a part of any experiment? We have a Mitutoyo measuring microscope in our fundamental electricity physics lab which is a course for sophomores. We used it for apparent depth in our optics lab which is retired now! I'm...
  31. P

    Alpha Particle Spectroscopy - Is My Method Correct?

    Homework Statement Hey, first time poster here, I'm current writing up a lab report I just wanted to check my method is correct. I'm doing alpha particle spectroscopy using a cloud chamber setup. Most published reports seem to vary pressure (so the mass thickness varies). Our chamber let us...
  32. D

    Is a computer required for basic physics experiments in the laboratory?

    As you can see in the below image, they use computers for some of their experiments. What will students do with it?! (Who are `they`? Find them here.)img: http://physics.nyu.edu/~physlab/GenPhysII_PhysIII/Scope&EKG.jpg [Broken] img2: http://physics.nyu.edu/~physlab/Classical and Quantum Wave...
  33. D

    Is there any video series on physics laboratories?

    "Laboratory Demonstrations" is the only thing that I could find! Is there anything else? * Level: University, BS. * Types: Fundamental Physics I: Dynamics; Fundamental Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism; Fundamental Physics III: Oscillation and Waves and Geometric Optics
  34. D

    Is your lab booklet available on internet in English? (please share)

    We're going to write a new lab instruction for this laboratories: 1. Fundamental Physics I: Dynamics 2. Fundamental Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism 3. Fundamental Physics III: Oscillation and Waves 4. Geometric Optics I'm willing to read lab booklets of different universities to know...
  35. D

    What is your proposed list of experiences for a Physics II (Electricity and Magnetism) laboratory?

    I'm a new TA in a physics laboratory and we're going to redesign experiences for fundamental physics II lab that is a semester course on electricity and magnetism for undergraduates in their 2nd year. What is your proposed list of experiences for a Physics II (Electricity and Magnetism)...
  36. Y

    How can I accelerate my laboratory practise?

    Im actually working on a pharmaceutical industry as a quality control analyst. Well, our lab. chief told me that "you should accelerate your lab. works."they said it Because I am not accustomed to this kind of work for more than 2 years. My chemistry 4 year background was at 2 years back. I...
  37. J

    "Natural" vs. Laboratory Particles

    Of the 61 known elementary or fundamental particles, which ones exist in the everyday, "natural" world of the Earth, and which have been created or only found among laboratory experiments? The 61: red/blue/green up/down/strange/charm/top/bottom quarks and their antiparticles make 36...
  38. S

    Laboratory physics question on uncertainty

    Homework Statement Homework Equations Mean difference and SEM The Attempt at a Solution Would the mean difference be 0.16?. I'm not sure about the answer because they give that much working space, Do I have to find the uncertainty of the difference first and then my answer implement that...
  39. E

    Econ: Budget cuts and expensive laboratory science projections for 10s

    (I am going to attempt a 2nd, little thread before I finish my earlier thread. I want to see if I can practice using PF Rules & Guidelines and FAQ before I wrap up my thread on Autism in Medical Sciences.) In my humble opinion, the current budget crisis in the news likely augurs deep cuts -...
  40. K

    Chemical production of ozone in the laboratory

    The followings are the chemical reactions I learned at my university: K2S2O8(s) + H2SO4(concentrated) → H2S2O8 + K2SO4 H2S2O8 + 2H2O → H2O2 + 2H2SO4 H2O2 (heat)→ H2O + [O] [O] + O2 → O3 However, I'm wondering why I can't find these reactions anywhere on the Internet. What do you think...
  41. R

    Temperature and pressure in a laboratory

    Homework Statement The are temperature and pressure in a laboratory are 20 degree C and 1 atm. A 1L container is open to the air. The container is then sealed and placed in a bath of boiling water. After reaching thermal equilibrium, the container is opened. How many moles of air escaped...
  42. W

    Laboratory Book: how do you organize it?

    This topic is for researchers/PhD students. How do you organize your own lab book? i.e. in the case you have different projects, do you organize your day experiments chronologically or by project? Which format do you prefer? ruled, squared, a4, a5...etc.
  43. P

    Any good book on Advanced Laboratory physics?

    Hi guys,do you have any suggested book on Laboratory physics? I mean something beyond simple freshman experiments such as verify Newton's second law, but still keep general viewpoints, and focus on important experiments in modern physics,for example the S-G experiment of spin magnetic moment...
  44. N

    Laboratory work, magnification

    I am working with interference which pattern I want to magnify to a CCD. The question is how can I determine the magnification of the interference pattern to the CCD? An aperture lens is used. I know the CCD cell size. It is not enough to say that the lens is 100x .. then the magnification...
  45. X

    Stress strain laboratory question

    Homework Statement Establish the constitutive relationship for the cantilever beam material, i.e., provide an empirical formula for the relationship σxx=σxx(εxx) and generate a plot of this relationship. What is the cantilever beam material? Homework Equations This is a pure beam bending...
  46. C

    Gas Absorbs Light: 500nm Wavelength in Lab

    Homework Statement a gas that absorbs light of wavelength 200 nm in the laboratory. Suppose there is a cold cloud of the same gas between you and a hot source of continuum (blackbody) radiation, and the cloud is moving away from Earth. You will see a spectrum with Homework Equations...
  47. D

    Productions of national laboratory?

    Hello, anyone has any information about the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, about the productions? I searched on internet but google only show the titles and there is no description of any production in the laboratory of Tennessee.
  48. P

    Real-life application for Laboratory equipment

    for more info just comment and I'll share it to you :)
  49. N

    Laboratory work, TE or TM polarization?

    I have an IR laser for which I want to find the TE (Transverse Electrical) vs. TM (Transverse Magnetical) mode. I know that the laser has linear polarization, and is configured for a single longitudinal mode with transverse mode close to TEM00. I have a polarizer (not exactly but nearby...
  50. P

    Physics laboratory project - bumpers/crash tests

    Hello everybody, It'd be very helpful if you could propose some ideas, suggestions to what we've already made. -------------------------- So, we had a test rig consisting of an inclined board, connected with floor using a curved steel plate. The model of a car, after gaining some...