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Lack of confidence to study physics

  1. Feb 23, 2014 #1
    I know someone who loves physics but lacks the confidence to study physics. Any advice to her?
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    when i first went to community college, i was an astronomy major. I met the counselor and he gave me a list of courses to take. Almost all physics. I was so intimidated by the subject that i switched majors.

    Long story short, im now mastering in Physics and i really wish i had just given the courses a try and worked really hard.

    ANY subject can be learned if you just put in the time and the effort! She should absolutely take physics! It's exciting and fun. Yes, it can be hard, but there's wonderful professors out there to help and usually theres tutoring available to guide her to succeeding. So many resources online too!

    Meet with other students and study together, ask questions, get involved.
    Also if she takes the courses and does well, she should try tutoring too, as teaching is a great way to learn too!
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    Meir Achuz

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    She has to also like and be good in math.
    If so, she can be confident about physics.
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    You gain confidence by doing.

    But you also have to be realistic about these things. If your friend's lack of confidence stems from actual experience that demonstrates that she will struggle with the studies, then maybe she's better off not rising to the challenge.
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