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The Physical Science Study Committee, usually abbreviated as PSSC, was inaugurated at a 1956 conference at MIT to review introductory physics education and to design, implement, and monitor improvements. It produced major new physics textbooks, instructional movies, and classroom laboratory materials, which were used by high schools around the world during the 1960s and 1970s and beyond.

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  1. filo

    Schools Need to decide whether to study Physics or Engineering

    I'm a 17 years old student and I can't choose between studying Physics or Engineering at university, any advice?
  2. R

    I want to study physics and related maths, but I am confused....

    here is what i wish to say. basically i am a 23 year old guy who has wasted a lot of time not finishing any course i started and also occasionally trying to be a musician but also did not fully get into that. There were times since completing high school that I found myself very intersted in...
  3. Vividly

    Studying Inquisitive studying bad for short term success and good 4 long term?

    Im having a issue with studying physics. When I receive a HW problem I dive deep into the problem in a holistic way. I tend to start solving problems that are related to the HW problem but are not the HW problem itself. For instance, I received a pendulum problem and was asked to find its...
  4. N

    Studying How to find challenges to use as a reason to study physics?

    Some days i get the itch to study math other days physics, or computer science. I am trying to break old patters and use my time more wisely. My reasons for study anything is very abstract, cause i don't really need any of these knowledges, and not many really does in todays day of age...
  5. Roger Dalton

    Schools Best universities to study Physics in the UK?

    Hello everyone! I'm studying Physics at college and next year I'll be doing a course abroad in the UK. After doing some research and considering my college's international agreements I have to decide between Durham University, Manchester University, and the Imperial College of London, but I...
  6. Tony Hau

    How can you study physics well at UG level?

    I am currently studying physics at university. I am not particularly good at it, but I am very interested in understanding physics. The problem I have encountered is that physics is so difficult to understand. For example, during my last semester, I studied classical mechanics. There were two...
  7. J

    Studying Going back to study physics after long time hiatus + some illness

    Hello all, I studied physics in undergrad aspiring to become a physicist, but I couldn't handle the stress I put on myself to succeed on top of problems I had such as emotional immaturity and bad life habits, etc. I suffered depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders which took me long...
  8. D

    Studying Do I have to be interested in practical applications to study physics

    I'm looking at changing my university degree to go back and study science with a major in physics. I've always had a deep interest in the way the world works and how much of what happens around the world and the universe seems to be governed by simple laws, or some cases not so simple. My main...
  9. Thomaz

    How to self study physics lab?

    To self study the theoretical part of general physics is as "easy" as going through a textbook, but how could a person self study the experimental part of general physics at home? Any ideas? (Should be easier than to self study chemistry lab hahaha)
  10. Dan Alpha

    Software engineer looking to study physics

    I'm a 25 y.o. software engineer working in ML research. I've been fascinated with physics since at least high school. I did not have a good time in university, and I gave up on doing a physics degree and did computer science to finish sooner (I would have dual majored). I am trying to decide if...
  11. E

    Programs Choosing a field of study for Physics Graduate Degree

    Hello, I've found some similar posts, but as the answers heavily depend on the individual, I decided to present my own case. I want to apply for the physics graduate programs of the big universitie MIT, Harvard, Standord and UC Berkley. For this I need to decide on a specific field of study for...
  12. T

    Other Am I smart enough to study Physics?

    Little bit about myself. I go to a top 50 school and I'm currently majoring in Math. I got an A in Cal 1 and 2 and a C in Cal 3. I got an A- in Discrete Math. No physics classes. I did not really put any effort in Cal 3 and did not do any homework (currently poorly motivate, which is why I want...
  13. Q

    Physics Advice for the people who cannot study physics

    I'm a business informatics student developed huge interest towards science lately, especially in physics. I wanted to pursue physics now as a mature student, but I'm unable to find a way to pursue it. So Right now I have applied for data science masters, but still i have my thoughts about...
  14. ZiHao

    Improve Your Physics Skills: Tips for Year 9 Students

    I am a year 9 student now and I really want to understand physics very well, what can I do? I don't want to spend time playing and walking around with my friends at school. Being the top student in my advanced science class is my target. Thanks!
  15. ScienceGuy42

    Admissions Should I study physics if I didn't do well in HS maths?

    In my final year of high school (2017) I finished with a mark of 74/100 for advanced maths (NSW, Australia. It's a calculus-based course and introduces differentiation, integration, series, optimisation, trig). This means I don't directly qualify for enrolment in the maths courses for the...
  16. B

    Programs Want to study physics, but pressured towards engineering

    I really want to study physics and math, but my family is pressuring me towards engineering. They say that physics job market is nonexistent, that I'll be homeless, that studying engineering is more lucrative, and that you can transfer to physics more easily. And that job employers will always...
  17. alex1515

    Studying I'm 16 and want to study physics, should i take a gap year?

    I was fascinated with physics since i was 14, when i actually began my learning journey, i got into Newtonian mechanics and eventually learned some electronics and programming. Noticing the math that was involved, i decided to first get started with math before i proceed into learning physics...
  18. T

    Studying Quantum Engineering: Embracing the Future with Cutting-Edge Technology

    Hello. I am a new member of this forum. My name's Patrick and I'm 1st year Wrocław University of Science and Technology student. I decided to study, as in title, quantuum engineering, because I think, saying succinctly, everything in the future will be based on quantuum technology - AIs, nanobot...
  19. T

    Other Going to the US to study physics

    So I'm currently in the process of getting a bachelor degree on physics, in a quite respected university of my country. But I have an interest in living in a country like the US. I read that it's very difficult to live in there. It seems that only tourists and workers are allowed to stay in the...
  20. I

    Schools Having a hard time deciding where to study physics

    First,a bit of context... I've just finished high school in Malaysia, and I'm a bit torn on which country I should go to further my studies. I have a deep interest in theoretical physics and I'm hoping I can get a physics degree. My current first choice is to attend a community college in the...
  21. M

    Studying How Can I Improve My Understanding of Physics, Especially Quantum Mechanics?

    Since i was 16 years old, i loved physics and i was looking forward to full study it and with a big focus on quantum mechanics, but i have a problem that the physics informations that i studied in school and now in university are not arranged and there are some missing informations that stops me...
  22. R

    Continuing to study physics or move to nuclear engineering?

    Hi. I'm a physics student in Italy. Within a year I hope to have gotten my three years degree. Usually, after that, physics students continue studying in their field choosing among theoretical, astrophysics, particle, nuclear, etc... Starting from next year we have the opportunity to move to...
  23. R

    Studying Learn How to Study Physics: Tips & Advice

    I have taken a new course in physics I am interested in knowing things and facts. I know one thing about the mathematical interpretations of physics. Other is the philosophy part. So, please elaborate me about it and if there are any ways concerning the study of physics .i.e.At very advanced...
  24. B

    Physics Is it too late to study physics at the age of 38?

    I am writing this e-mail from Germany. I came to Germany to do a PhD in sociology. I hold a bachelor and master degree in economics in my country. Actually I didn't choose my bachelor field intentionally. My inability as a teenager at the age of 16-17 to discover my abilities and fields of...
  25. P

    Other Can i become a Call of Duty pro pro player and still study physics?

    So I am at the last year of high school, I'm going to study physics at the university and i am pretty good at it (i'm going to partecipate at the national part of the physics olimpiads) but I'm getting really into the gaming life and i'd like to become a call of duty pro player and maybe open a...
  26. K

    Physics Looking to study physics in Germany

    Hello everyone , first of all i hope I'm posting in the right place :D if not pardon me I'm new here. i seek enlightenment actually. I'm 21 years old almost finished bachelors in Information systems(which was a bad choice by my side ) from university in Egypt ( but I'm completing it anyway...
  27. M

    Study Physics: Career Opportunities & More

    Hi everyone. New to the forums and I'm really intrigued by quantum physics and physics as a whole. I'm curious as to what career opportunities I would have if I study physics? Also, it seems to me like physics has died down? I don't understand why though? Isn't there still soooooo much to...
  28. pandaface435

    Would going to Spain to study physics be a good idea?

    I've been considering a degree at the UAM due to the fact its incredibly cheaper than in the US. Any thoughts if this is a good idea?
  29. anorlunda

    Insights Why Study Physics? A Bit Goes a Long Way - Comments

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  30. E

    Other Can a normal IQ person study Physics?

    I love physics and maths,I am17,from Malaysia...My questions:Should I have a high IQ to study physics in university?Is it useful in the future?Are there many girls like to study physics?Or I am a weirdo? Haha, just kidding.I need answers and thank you!I hope Albert Einstein always...
  31. Hamal_Arietis

    Guide to math needed to study physics

    Hi. After studied General physics, I want to read some book about Theorical Physics. But Mathematics is very difficult. So can you show me the best way to math needed to study physics? From easy to difficult. Thanks for helping
  32. davidbenari

    Studying I study physics -- How can I expand my computer knowledge?

    I'm interested in expanding my computer knowledge. Specifically, computer science knowledge. I've taken a few numerical methods courses, but they were all in MATLAB. My strategy this summer was to study physics problems like PDEs and solve them in some language I don't know like C++. Also, I...
  33. Dr. Courtney

    Schools Resources for High School Physics at Home - Comments

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  34. ahmed habala

    How Can I Begin Studying Physics as a Newcomer?

    hi all how can i start to study physics ? please help me
  35. Willelm

    Should I Study Physics? - A Question About Random Facts

    Since I have memory, I'm very curious about science, specially about Physics. Some ago I read about multiverses, so there was a possibility about the existence of other universes with other rules of Physics. Then, the rules of Physics of this universe could be random, so why is interesting...
  36. Scorry

    Study Physics: Strategies & Tips for College Students

    Hello, Is there a proper way to study physics? Such as: 2-4 hours of daily study, specific youtubers I should subscribe to, etc... My college allows a maximum of 2 hours a week of physics tutoring. I take advantage of that, but we typically cover 3 problem in each 1 hour meeting. Which is...
  37. Franco_Carr14

    Math recommended to study physics

    Hello, I'm sorry if this question has been asked before. How much calculus or how much math in general should I have a good grasp on to be able to get started studying physics? How much math should I have already covered to read books like https://www.amazon.com/dp/0070350485/?tag=pfamazon01-20...
  38. Athanasios

    Should I learn calculus before self-studying physics?

    So, having seen micromass's marvelous thread on how to self study mathematics I was wondering whether someone could create a similar thread just about physics? Because it would be really helpful to get advice on how to approach the subject and which textbooks to use and maybe it could be divided...
  39. M

    Reasons to Study Physics: Finding Your Passion and Career Path

    I'm starting to rethink whether I want to become a physicist or not. The only reason why I want to join a univ is simply for the sake of learning. I just love learning physics, but I don't think that justifies entering a univ. What should I do in this situation? I do indeed want a job physics...
  40. N

    Should I Study Physics for BSc?

    I understand that this maybe a very common or an irritating question by now, Should I opt for Physics or Engineering? From the last 5 years I have been fantasizing become a scientist and I am selected in a "not very" reputed university for Bsc physics (hons.) course, but my parents are...
  41. NeLLyFiZzLe

    Schools Do you need high school physics to study physics?

    I tried to keep the thread name as applicable to my question as possible. I'm sure this question has been asked before I apologise in advance I could not find the appropriate answer :) I did not do physics at high school as when I tried to change a sub to physics they told me I was too late...
  42. P

    Need some tips to study physics

    I need some tips studying about 1. Angular momentum and numerical problems based on angular momentum 2. Capillary action numerical problems based on them 3.Free body diagrams for force and numerical problems based on them 4. Elastic and inelastic collisions and numerical problems based on them
  43. Cosmology2015

    Is it too late for me to study physics at 27 years old?

    Hello, I am senior in electrical engineering course. However, my dream has always been to study physics. I am worried because I am 27 years and have no contact with the main physical disciplines such as classical mechanics, thermodynamics, optics, among others. Which means I will need to study...
  44. icecubebeast

    Tips on how to properly study Physics (mechanics and magnetics)

    Hello, Next year I will be taking more than 6 ap classes and I was wondering how to manage my study time and how I study. I will be taking two exams on physics next year (AP Physics C: mechanics and electromagnetism) along with many others. The questions are: 1. How do you find time to study...
  45. akashpandey

    Can I Master All Aspects of Physics and Unravel the Mysteries of the Universe?

    I want to study high level of physics Including all quantum machenics ,astrophysics,classical physics. Hiii guys, Because i wondered about the amazing question in forum i want to understand all that things. Because i am very curious about physics and i want to learn about mystries of univers...
  46. Diego Fernandez

    My Dream is to study Physics, but I have questions

    Ever since I was about 11 years old, my dream has been to pursue a career in any scientific field whatsoever (I practically enjoy learning about all of them!). I ended up being enchanted by the magic of physics at an early age as well, thanks to my childhood heroes such as Carl Sagan, Stephen...
  47. A

    Struggling with motivation to study physics

    Hello all, new poster here. I don't want to sound like I'm ranting but I feel like I have no one else to tell. Studying physics has been my life dream since about a year and a half ago. After a long and hard journey (college would not let me take further maths), I finally made it into a...
  48. L

    Study Physics: Benefits & Job Opportunities for Young Mscs

    Hello, I'm new in the forum and.. I'm sorry for my English but I'm Italian. I'm on this forum because I need other points of view. I'm 17 and I'm in front of the choice of the University. What do you think about studying Physics? And why study Physics? How are job opportunities for a young Msc...
  49. N

    Back to Undergrad to study Physics?

    Hello Physics forum! I've been lurking around on here for the past few months and finally mustered up the courage to ask this question to you all. To the mods, I apologize if this is in the wrong section! Some background: I recently graduated with a degree in Psychology due to the fact...
  50. M

    Programs Should I study Physics and Computer Science as a double major?

    I'm starting university really soon and my course is BSc Honours Physics and Computer Science (http://www.qub.ie/home/StudyatQueens/CourseFinder/UCF2014-15/Physics/GF43/ ). I'm able to switch to a single major in either of these subjects and I've been thinking it would be better for me to do...