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Landau-Lif z-Gilbert vs. Bloch

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    Landau-Lif****z-Gilbert vs. Bloch

    Could anyone elucidate on the difference between the phenomenology of the Landau-Lif****z-Gilbert equations and Bloch equations. When damping and relaxation are not included they have identical form. Are they the same thing? I've been learning about NMR related stuff for a while and I've never heard mention of the Landau-Lif****z-Gilbert equation.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Landau Lif****z equation is the same as Blochs equation, without dissipation. Gilbert used a different approach, from LL, to introduce dissipation. But I think it reduces to the LL equations.

    edit.. Kinda funny that Lif****z is censored
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    If you don't intend answering the question, then please don't post a reply!
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