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Languages needed in aerospace/aeronautics industry

  1. Jul 17, 2012 #1
    Yes, I do know there is a topic on this issue, however it was done last year and I believe there may have been some updates since then.

    I'm going off to university in october to study Aeronautical Engineering and I'm given the opportunity to learn new languages. I speak fluently English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

    I want to learn a new language, at most 2.

    Russia has a space program, Germany doesn't, however I've heard it is better to know German, and Japan has a space program as well. Also, people say Chinese is important...

    So, between Russian, German and Japanese, which two should I consider? Are there others you think I should consider?

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  3. Jul 17, 2012 #2
    Ask yourself this: Do you see yourself living in Russia, Germany, or Japan? If none of these, then pick one out of a hat since they'll be about equally useful (useless). You speak English, and you speak French, which are the two main ones as far as getting you into the majority of the aerospace industry.
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