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    Hello everyone. I'm now currently studying Aeronautical Engineering(Though it's, I think, said to be equal to aerospace engineering). Since the summer is coming and I'll have like free 4 months, I've decided to learn another language(s) besides English and Fortran(Both the language we speak and programming language).

    At first, I was considering learning German, but then a friend of mine told me that French would be much of help in Aero-ish engineerings.

    As for programming language; I do only know Fortran and am considering learning C++, JAVA, MATLAB and if I could somehow find a proper source, ADA. ( This the undergraduate program I'm learning).

    Would you mind helping me out with these?
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  3. Do you live in Europe? Then I would definitely consider learning French. German is also important, but most Germans speak English fluently. Will you spend those 4 months in France or Germany? It's difficult to practice if you're not surrounded by native speakers.

    Programming: matlab and C or C++ might come in handy.
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    Hi bigfooted. Thanks for your reply. If you consider Turkey a European country then I do live in Europe. I'm not sure if I can go to France and live there ~4 months. I can live in Germany as my aunt and cousins live there. So I don't think it will be such a huge deal for me to live in Germany for 3-4 months.

    As for programming: I have already bought a few books for C++ and JAVA.( Alas, not C yet) and a couple of "video lectures". I'll be sure learning them in the summer.

    I'm also open to any language/programming language suggestion.

    Thanks again!
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    If you're planning to learn a language anyway, French might be helpful in using CATIA, a CAD system developed by Dassault Systemes. A few people I know who work for Boeing talk about this software, and I would imagine it is used by Airbus as well.

    For programming language, I would not recommend Ada. That language was required in (US) Dept of Defense contracts some years ago, but I don't believe that it still is. To the best of my knowledge, it's not used much anymore, but I could be wrong on this.

    I would recommend C++ or Java. C++ is sort of a superset of C, and has to some extent surpassed pure C. Many of the available compilers will work with both C and C++.
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    Thank you Mark44. Yes, I'm really planning to learn a new language. It's nice to hear that French would come in handy for CATIA, as I'm learning CATIA v5.(Doubt I'll ever use it though :P)

    It seems like both you and bigfooted suggested me learn C++, which means I'll try learning C++. I'm glad I bought the correct books!

    Once again, thanks to both of you for answering and englightining me. Summer is comming!
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