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Laplace transform to solve a nonhomogeneous equation

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    can i use the Laplace transform to solve a nonhomogeneous equation if
    i have these Initial condition s(x) and s(-x)
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    A first order differential equation only needs one initial condition, so the two you have might contradict each other.
    A second order needs two. One per differential. So if you have two for the differentiation wrt x only, you are back to the previous problem. And you still don't have anything for ##{d\over dx}({d\over dx})##
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    Looks like you have a boundary value problem not initial value problem. If your DE is a linear constant coefficient, I think you still can solve it with Laplace transform.
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    You have to use power series solutions, if the coefficients are non constant. This is just a guess, because you have not posted the DE you have questions on.
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