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Last chance to change my major. Advise?

  1. Jun 12, 2013 #1
    I'm 24 with an AS (math, 3.0GPA), and currently accepted into VT for physics for August classes. I'm little older than most students I'd imagine.

    This Friday is the last day they will accept a change in major.

    I'm rather fond of physics. It's a puzzle with no end. It's fun, and the time I've spent studying physics feels like time well spent. Physics feels meaningful to me. If you were to ask me what my most passionate drive is, it would be something human. But I've tried, and I know I can't be a social or healthcare worker. The stress from seeing other people's pain every day would break me as a person. If you were to ask me what I'm most talented at, it would be programming. I grew up with computers, and coding comes second nature to me. Unlike physics, however, I feel as if my life was misused when I look back at my time with computers. The thought of coding through migraines, typing with carpel tunnel later in life, progressively worsening vision, and.. and just I don't care to learn the nuances of every new software update that's going to be released in my life. I'd like to be able to stop caring about those things. I'm aware that physics, at higher levels, also involves coding, but it's at least not all day every day, right?

    Initially, I was gung-ho about physics. Concepts of light and black holes baffled me since I was a child. Reading these forums broke me a little bit. Knowing that there's probably no chance for a career in physics outside teaching is an unpleasant thought. I'm fine with teaching, I think. I've tutored before and liked it. It's just, if I don't change my major this Friday, does that mean I'm declaring myself a teacher for the rest of my life? I know there are more options. It's still a spooky thought, though. Doors closing in great numbers. I think this is me starting to feel old.

    Even if I change my major, I can't really think of a career that I would like more than teaching.

    Life is confusing. I don't really have any straight forward questions to ask in this post, it seems. I will read and be grateful for any replies or advise.
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  3. Jun 12, 2013 #2
    What about statistics? Results in a broad variety of jobs. Can have (though doesn't always) a meaningful impact on policy, public discussion, and business choices. It can be a social job, but you'll spend very little time around sick, hurt people.

    But, another question - does VT stand for Virginia Tech? Cause then ignore my post. I'm not sure what majors are worth getting from there.

    Almost an aside, but I agree with you about programming. I don't ever want to be a programmer. However, I love donig some programming (just a little) in my job. Consider looking for business jobs that require some technical skills.

    Finally, your comment about doors closing. . . maybe they are, but there's still tons of time to open them if you want. I made a radical career change when I was 8 years older than you. I might well do it again in another decade. Keep an open mind.
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