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Latest high frame rate consumer priced video cameras?

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    I'd like to get images at a frequency of at least 100 frames/sec to measure servo arm speeds (including acceleration from rest) under various torque loads. This is for personal research associated with RC helicopter accessories, but as a high school physics teacher it seems it would be good for falling objects etc. There are GoPro cameras that do this, a new Sony (about 120 fps) and a new series of Casio cameras (e.g Casio Exlilm EX-ZR200) that do very high frame rates. It is understood that at the highest rates resolution is reduced, and high light levels are needed, but neither of these are necessarily a problem in my application.
    I have been recommended the Gopro hero black edition but this seems quite expensive in that it is designed for waterproof helmet-cam use and and I don't need that robustness.

    Has anyone experience with the latest cameras of this type for this application?

    Edit: Another option: I could use a laptop-tethered camera. Are there high frame rate webcam-type units?
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    Moving to Photography
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    The Samsung Galaxy Camera can film at 120 fps. Here is a review
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