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LaTeX LaTeX - dfrac with textstyle numerator

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    While typing up a LaTeX document (long story,) in an align environment, I ran into having to type up a fraction which, while it didn't force the align to go off the page, it went past the later \tag{1}, which, needless to say, is somewhat annoying. I came up with the clever idea of limiting the fraction's size by using \tfrac, though this looked pretty annoying. So I came up with the other clever idea of only making the numerator \textstyle, which my intuition says will look lovely. Unfortunately, any attempt at doing so fails. For instance,

    Code (Text):
    \dfrac{\textstyle a}{a}
    parses to ##\dfrac{\textstyle a}{a}##. Anyone have a solution to this, or, alternatively, another solution to my original problem?
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    If I understand well, you want to make the counter smaller than the denominator. It can be done winthin an inline environment as eg.

    Let us see the following equation: $\frac{a}{\displaystyle a}$
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